About Melanie Tonia Evans

Melanie Tonia Evans knows more than any person how difficult it is to rise up from a relationship filled with abuse. She is a survivor of narcissistic abuse, perhaps one of the least-known kinds of relationship abuse out there, but emotionally damaging nonetheless. However, she turned her hardship into a positive message by creating her blog and her self vibrational healing company.


Evans created the site to serve as a resource center for those who are in abusive relationships and want a way out. Replete with tools, information and other kinds of resources for any person struggling in an abusive relationship, the site has proven to be a haven for people who are suffering from the horrific consequences of narcissistic abuse.

Evans’ practice revolves around the various techniques and tools that are useful in gaining self empowerment, understanding the narcissistic personality and how to spot the signs in your partner, how to break free from a co-dependent relationship and how to stand up again after suffering through an abusive relationship. She counsels anyone who is in the losing end of any relationship, whether it is a physically or emotionally abusive relationship, or one marked by codependence which can be equally destructive. Her healing programs are designed to apply to clients who are in various stages of recovery, from those who are still in the relationship but want to get out, those who are in the first stages of recovery and are in need of encouragement and support, to those who are halfway through recovery and want to learn new techniques for gaining self confidence and how to learn to trust others again. Mini-courses are tailored for a specific set of clients as well. One-on-one healing sessions are also available for in-depth, personal counselling.

Radio Show
Evans also hosts a radio show where she dishes out sage, practical advise on the common questions regarding narcissistic abuse. She tackles various topics on her radio show, from gaining awareness to practical solutions for problems on love, co-dependency, narcissism, addiction, taking responsibility and creating healthy boundaries for healthier relationships. This is also way for listeners to dial in and personally talk to Evans about their problems on air.

Melanie Tonia Evans has long studied the basic principles of personal development.Despite being an active participant in the self help industry by attending numerous seminars and ultimately becoming a professional practitioner, all the knowledge she gained did not create any dramatic change in the relationship department especially in her love life. She continued to attract the wrong men and endured numerous abusive and narcissistic relationships. All these led her to question all that she has learned until she understood how childhood patterns were affecting her relationship in negative ways. She also went through a particularly abusive relationship that left her broken and barely functioning, until that exact moment of epiphany. She started a journaling program for herself and connected with knowledgeable practitioners for in-depth instruction before she ventured into vibrational healing by herself.

Being a survivor has turned Evans into a mentor and a source of inspiration for others, both men and women, who have suffered through the pain and hurt that an abusive relationship can give. She has turned one of the darkest parts of her life into a bright beacon of hope for those who want to break free of the abusive cycle of narcissistic relationships so they can finally start living the rich and full lives that they deserve.