Adding Value to Small Businesses and Startups

If you happen to run a small business in London or within its environs, then you will have already noted the ultra-high prices of rental space.

In fact, this is making some small start-ups to give serious consideration to the idea of having an office virtually. At a rate of as low as £50 per month, it makes a lot of sense for a small business to consider this option.

However, if these virtual locations are used smartly, they will bring more benefits to your business and not just saving money for you. In this post, we tell you 4 ways in which going virtual could be beneficial to your small business.


Building A Corporate Identity That Is Professional

To people who subscribe to the traditional sense of an office, it would seem quite insincere to remove a reception as well as an address from a business. If you tell them to have Canary Wharf address yet operate from a garage in Hackney, they may take it for trickery. (branding always has been some sort of smoke-and-mirrors affair).

But, according to LibertyExecutiveOffices page, the exterior of a business plays a key role to attracting the potential clients. Many times, people base their judgment of an organization on its amateurish website. If you want to gain the trust of future customers, it is important to invest in a professional image. One critical aspect of branding regards how calls are handled.

To a small start-up business, having in place a professional call service can be very valuable. In such a small business, one person often juggles up a variety of roles. To an outsider, this gives the impression that in your organization, areas of responsibility have been dedicated despite the fact that you could be that entire organization.


Providing Your Business With Added Relevance

For businesses in the manufacturing sector, it is sensible to run a distinct central location for the showroom or sales department while maintaining a separate location for the workshop. The problem is that this model can only be cost effective when the business operates in large scale.

Thanks to a virtual workplace, even a small business like that of a one-man shoemaker can have its address on Regent Street while have the workshop in another location.

Although limitations abound as to how your virtual office may be used (for instance, you can’t use your virtual address in Google Places), carefully selecting the location will make you appear more connected to the industry and on-trend.


Making The Business Accessible To Your Clients

A lot of high-end virtual office packages provide complimentary accessibility to business lounges as well as discounts on meeting rooms. In other words, you are able to easily meet with customers at your designated virtual address.

In case you are traveling, you can even meet them further afield. By choosing a virtual location that has strategic relevance to the industry in which you operate, you have more access to the right people to connect with.


It Frees Your Staffs To Do Their Actual Jobs

We have all seen it: it is totally impossible to have anything accomplished when the phone rings constantly off the hook. For a business that is at a take-off stage, you should expect to get more calls. This is likely to put more pressure on you as well as your employees.

What this invariably leads to is a decline in productivity. To ensure that this does not happen, it is important to hire full-time receptionist. Unfortunately though, not many startups can afford this. Turning to a virtual office reception, and which is available at much less compared to hiring a full-time receptionist, allows you to reallocate responsibilities.

This in turn frees you and your team to concentrate on your core competencies and do things that generate revenue for the business.



In this day and age where a square foot of rental space costs so much, it is becoming ever so difficult for small business to take root. It all has to do with cutting costs of operation. Going virtual is one way of doing that. Not only is it an inexpensive option but it also brings lots of other benefits to a small business.

These include efficiency, making your business accessible to the customers, giving your business extra relevance and building a more professional corporate identity for your business.


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Photo credits: betsyweber / Flickr