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The Alfa Romeo Owners club of Australia website is a great place to meet other Alfa Romeo owners. The overall look of this site is fairly simple. This site includes a forum so you can meet and chat, membership information, upcoming events and information on Alfesta.

There are tabs on the top of the home page, to help guide you through. The news tab will take you to a section that contains different things going on in the Alfa Romeo community, and other great information. Then there is a membership tab. This tab explains what types of benefits you may receive when becoming a member. It will also give you the information needed to find out what is required for memberships.

Then there is an Alfesta tab. Alfesta is a yearly gathering for the club members. When clicking on this tab you will see information for the upcoming Alfesta and there is a whole entire history time line dating all the way back to the year 1975. Be sure to check the descriptions with each year. There is some really interesting information about Alfesta. If you are anything like me I had no idea what is was until I read through it. It shows how laid back and fun Alfesta is. Once back on the home page you will also see a sidebar with other state divisions. When clicking these, you will be taken to each of the division’s personal websites. On the bottom of the Club’s site there are three sections.

These are like shortcuts. One is to take you to information about becoming a member. The next is to take you to Alfa Romeo 2010. This is a detailed line up of ten days full of activities; this one in particular is in celebration of 100 years. The last section has a direct link to the forum. I personally love forums; you get to know people on a more personal level. Very handy for when you attend your first ever Alfesta. By the time you go, there will be some people there you know, or at least feel comfortable enough to talk Alfa Romeo with. This website makes joining the Alfa Romeo Owners Club easy. There is enough information on this site to help you decide what division you should become a member of. If you are looking for an Alpha Romeo Club definitely check this site out.

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