Always Find the Best Organic Product for You

More and more people across the globe are realising that organic products are the way to go if you want to keep in good health, and Australians are no exception. One of the problems is that many shops – although they claim to stock organic products – only have a limited supply tucked away in the corner of the store.

This is the reason for a new website called Organic Finder, the sole purpose of which is to educate people about organic products – and not just organic foods – and to show where they can be purchased, either in store or online.


Here you will find guides to stores in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Canberra, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, that specialise in organics. The products and stores covered include Supermarkets, Spas, Restaurants and Cafes, Butchers, Baby Products , Hair and Beauty Salons, Organic Foods, Produce, Skin Care, Health Products and more. There is even a page with the heading “Other” which doesn’t actually have anything on it at present but is probably ready for an organic shoe retailer or organic dentist. Obviously the founders of the website have left nothing to chance.


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There are links to everything imaginable, so in Canberra, for example, you can click on the Mega Health featured listing and then a link which takes you to their website where you can research health advice, featured products, read their online magazine, find store locations and obtain gift vouchers.
Another link from the Canberra page takes you to Australia’s Own (all of the links give the physical address and telephone number of the business concerned) where you can link to the website which offers natural pain relief remedies and a whole host of other products.


You will find a wealth of articles and reviews on everything organic related. For example, there are articles about the differences between organic and natural foods, tips for de-toxing, organic food in Brisbane and health food stores. Archives go back to March 2013, so it seems that Organic Finder has only been up and running for a few months, but nonetheless there is an awful lot of information under one roof.
There is another page where you are invited to submit a review about any organic business that you have experienced and of course there is a search function that enables you to find anything organic in your area.

Organic Food

An interesting article on organic food goes into the obvious health benefits of eating produce which has not been subjected to pesticides, chemical fertilisers, antibiotics and herbicides, but then goes into some detail about the taste. It also mentions that when you buy local produce that is in season it is absolutely fresh, has not been artificially ripened nor flash frozen and hasn’t travelled halfway around the world in the hold of an airliner.

In addition it makes the point that when you buy organic you are supporting farms that don’t force the soil to grow the same crops year after year and treat their animals humanely. A better choice from every point of view.
Although only in its infancy – or perhaps adolescence – it seems that Organic Finder is set to make a very big impact on the way Australians buy organic.