Apply Direct: The Only Place Where Finding A Job Is Like A Walk In The Park

Apply-direct-logo_6Apply Direct is an Australian job search website which connects hundreds of employers from all over the country in order to create long term professional relationships. With an Alexa rank of 101,534 and with thousands of visitors per month, Apply Direct is definitely one of the most highly ranked websites of its kind in Australia. This gives you the opportunity of being certain that creating an account and submitting your resume, it will only be a matter of days until you’ll be contacted by an employer willing to offer you a job.

Job search by location

In order to facilitate an easier job search for anyone who wants to get hired in the shortest time possible, Apply Direct ensures that all of its job postings are sorted in specific categories based on location, type of job, working schedule and duration. As a result, finding a job becomes a much easier process, because with just a few clicks you’ll be able to scan through hundreds of job postings and see which of them are compatible with your skills and personal preferences.

Most recent featured jobs available

Another aspect of Apply Direct is how well it manages to keep everyone up to date with the latest job postings added to the database. If you have already gone through the hundreds of job postings available and you haven’t found anything that matches your skills, you just need to just check out the latest jobs available. Even better, you can even set filters so that when your desired job is available, to receive an E-mail from the website. This way you’ll be amongst the first to send your resume to the employer and have higher chances of being hired if your skills are the ones they’re looking for.


The Community section on the website is a special one and that is for a few reasons. First of all, it ramifies into 3 subsections, including “Popular Jobs”, “New Employers on Apply Direct” and”Welcome to the Apply Direct Blog”. This section basically allows you to get in touch with thousands of people like you who are looking for a job in order to share tips on how to write a better resume for instance and how to increase your chances of being hired. Also, different employers have different requirements for the successful candidates and here is the perfect place where you can find out more about these tidbits.


What you’ll maybe find to be a bit troublesome is the website’s design, which may be a bit difficult to gulp in the first 5 or 10 minutes of using the website, but that will no longer be a problem after you get used to it. Apply Direct is a place where you can really land a job and in this regard, it works perfectly.

Offering hundreds of new job postings daily and the chance of actually landing a job much faster than similar websites out there, Apply Direct is the right place where you can finally feel confident that you’ll find a job. With a friendly community and dozens of useful tips, it’ll soon become clear why so many Australians choose to start looking for a new job by logging in to Apply Direct.