Why Having Education And Knowledge Is Vital For Survival

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How important education is to people’s lives is not negotiable. With the appropriate skills in a particular area, one is able to cope with the ever changing lifestyles. Teenagers find it stressful and uninviting. Are you a teen? You have probably found yourself in a dissonance over what is right and what is not. One good thing with knowledge is that it has no boundaries. Your grandparents learnt, your parents did so, and now it’s your turn to be in the mix. To appreciate the development of education, it is vital to briefly look at how much has changed in this sector.

How education has improved

Technology has made it easy for both teachers and students to communicate. With the invention of the computer technology, access to information has been fastened. Schools can utilize the available software programs to interesting presentations. In addition, it has seen the development of online schools. Through this, one can easily access education from any part of the world. This makes it easy to achieve education while at the same time attend to other important issues at home. Additionally, this has seen the elimination of regional barriers as it can be shared beyond most borders. Most teenagers may take things for a ride, but a clear look at the obstacles felt earlier in gaining knowledge will help in making them appreciate the developments. Gone are the days when paper played a big role in this field. With the emergence of mobiles devices, global reach and virtual technologies, there is no chance of heading back. The only way is to acquire the proper knowledge in different fields.

Why is it important for you to learn?

Makes one knowledgeable

There is no doubt that education is vital. It is even believed that the best interests come after great investment in getting knowledge. It makes one to understand the surrounding in order to survive. It gives one a compass to be used in observing life. This enables one to come up with an opinion after which a clear view is developed. There is information flooding into people from everywhere, but to convert it into knowledge, one will definitely need education. It empowers and bombards information to a person enabling you to rightly make decision. However, this should not mean that only what is learnt in class is useful. Textbooks do play a role but life lessons are equally useful.

Enables you to develop a career

When one goes to the university, he/she is able to get the expertise required in a particular field. This is very important in achieving career targets. In fact, a good number of people enroll in colleges with the sole ambition of increasing chances of employment. To be an expert is to acquire all the skills in a certain field. They do so with an understanding that good education is the main criterion sought for by employers. You will be weighed on the job market basing on your skill application in that sector.

Builds your character

Tullius Cicero once said that a person’s character is what mostly becomes him. A person can be able to define who you are by observing your character. Education is vital in making one understand good behavior. It makes one to be more confident. In additions it improves a person’s what of thought, analyze issues and their judgment. In general, education tries to support and provide direction to life.

National growth

For a nation to progress there is dear need for development of the education sector. The higher the number of literate people, the more likely a nation is to prosper. That is why your government puts more efforts in ensuring its citizens access quality education. It ensures that all aspects of the nation are put in the hands of the people. However, courses learnt vary with what one wishes. This article provides a framework of how this is important. There those few fields that one should generally have skills in and a good example is driving.

Application based learning

It simply means getting to understand what will be directly useful in the field. For instance, nearly everyone wants to own a car. It is thus important to take some training in driving schools. (Writer of this article was impressed with No Yelling Driving School recently 🙂 ).  This will not only give you an opportunity to know how to understand but also give you chance to acquire the skills outlined above. One should visit the inner self and allow education to provide that which he/she is good at. It is with this view that education hopes to transform your life to a next level in the society.


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