Australia Broadband Packages Prices

Broadband PriceThere are several broadband packages that are available in Australia. One of them are the Optus broadband packages. This package is one that is sold all over the “Land Down Under.” This package includes internet access that is wireless. They have programs ranging from 49.99 per month to 79.00 per month.

The 49 dollar program charges a 149.00 connection fee, however the 79.00 monthly program includes the set up and connection fee. The higher cost program has a 24 month contract whereas the lower priced program is a month to month set up. Both programs have a 66 percent approval rate amongst their customers. An Optus broadband plans are certainly a possiblity for the consumer who values unlimited internet plans.

Dodo broadband plans offer a variety of plans from wireless internet and internet plans. They currently have both dial up and wireless plans available. They have wireless plans from 39.99 per month. These are unlimited plans. Their dial up plans are one dollar per month. These are really competitive rates.

Another provider in Australia are the iiNet broadband plans. These packages offer 3G wireless internet for a fixed price per month. Jinet is based in China but it’s services also are used in Australia. The prices are determined by which package is purchased. It uses a net card to access the web,and is popular with the internet cafe crowd, and those who do a great deal of traveling. One of the other providers of internet services in Australia is the TPG broadband plans. These packages offer unlimited broadband, and services for individual and corporate accounts. Netspace offers DSL and DSL2. These packages are available for a variety of consumers in a variety of price ranges. Some of these plans include those that are bundled with home phone service. It is difficult to choose between these programs and individuals face some hard choices in terms of what internet services they want to purchase. It is fortunate that there is a plan for every user from the casual internet user, to those who make their living online. The best thing an individual or business can do is to evaluate the programs that are out there, and decide which one will best fit their needs.

Does the individual want a wireless card that is mobile? Is price the most important consideration and dial up will satisfy the needs of the consumer. Read the reviews that are out there, consult with service providers and others and purchase the plan that is best for your needs.


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