Australian Road Tolls and Blackspot Roads

young blond woman with red notebook in a blue car. She is smilingDriving is known to be a dangerous act. You are making a calculated risk by getting behind the wheel. As a driver you are able to affect the choices you make, but there are always circumstances which you do not have any control over.
During the year from September 2011 until August this year there were 1,310 fatalities on Australian roads. Unfortunately, a 0.3% increase from the same period the year before with Queensland having the worse statistics out of all the states and territories. Several crash types have decreased in the past 2 years such as fatalities involving passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. However, two main areas have increased significantly with driver deaths escalating by 26.1% and motorcycle rider victims rising by 40.6%. In reality these are depressing numbers that need a closer look.
A sharp rise in accidents involving both young drivers and those suffering fatigue together have impacted on road toll rates by 29 and 33.3 percent. Speeding drivers have long been in the sights of road safety personnel, especially the Police and they account for a 30.4% increase in the year to August, 2012. Statistics have also noted that illegal manoeuvres significantly contribute to the increasing numbers with drivers ignoring traffic lights and signs amplified by 233.3%. Car accident compensation claims revolve around the issue of negligence and this is a most blatant form of it.
Accident compensation lawyers know that accidents are a complex and multi-causal issue that are difficult to determine the absolute cause of. Roads themselves play a large role in the factor of a car crash. In Australia we refer to infamous roads where multiple car accidents occur as ‘Black Spot Roads’. The Federal Government is aware of the need to assess and amend these and to deliver improvements to both the driving conditions and the road toll itself. There is a national program which allocates Federal support to the upgrade of particular stretches of roads and highways to overcome their link to increased crash rates. For the 2013-14 period the program has committed $59.5 million to this cause.
Motor Vehicle accidents are traumatic experiences for everyone involved. It is important to note that the human impact is extremely far-reaching. It is up to everyone to do their part to lower the road toll and be aware of how their decisions affect others on the roads. A car can be a useful addition to a busy life or it can be, in the direst cases, a weapon of mass destruction. As a driver it is vital to be mindful of the following things:
-Note the weather and road conditions and adjust your driving accordingly
-A speed limit is just that, a limit of the speed you should be doing as a driver
-Do not drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs
-Be aware of fatigue and never drive tired
-Always wear a seatbelt
-Patience is a real virtue with driving
-Concentration is vital

It is everyone’s place to do their part in minimising the fatalities on our roads. We are responsible for our choices and we must take the time to weigh up the risks associated with our rash decisions when we are dealing with potentially life-threatening situations. Accidents are unplanned events with extenuating factors and causes, but if each driver could adopt a more mindful approach we would find encouragement with the results.
As humans we all make mistakes. In the case of motor vehicles our mistakes can end with devastating outcomes and Accident Compensation Lawyers can be invaluable support networks to deal with the overwhelming nature of car crashes. Many of us are aware on some level what the appropriate course of action is, but with diminished sensibility and shock we can sometimes make choices that are less than helpful. Car accident compensation can be a necessary part of your recovery. There are options to assist you with medical costs and treatment as well lost earnings and the pain and suffering caused by such a traumatic event. You can trust they will take care of everything you need.


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