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TrucksIsuzu Australia has great trucks. Since 1981, Isuzu has remained the number one seller of trucks throughout Australia. Isuzu strives to stay ahead when meeting exhaust gas emissions regulations. People and companies love Isuzu Australia so much that they after they have a first truck, they often purchase a second or more.

Many owners of Isuzu have left reviews raving about how amazing their trucks are:

John and Marg Diprose bought a NPS 250. They are able to travel the country in any weather. They especially love how easy it is to park their truck by using two reverse cameras with sound.

B&J Leach Transport bought a FRR 600. This truck is great to get around town in and very comfortable on longer trips.

FJ Harvesting purchased a NPS 300 and said the decision to buy it was one of the best decisions made.

Total Toilets is impressed with with the versatility of their N & F series Isuzu trucks.

Hunter Valley Roof Restorations owns a NPR 200 Tradepack. This truck has plenty of room for their equipment and is able to hold it all with ease when traveling from work sites back to their base.

Independent Towing Service bought a FRR 600. They love how much room they have in the truck, as well as the climate control, electric windows, and cruise control features.

Norm Eacott Removals owns a FVD 1000 which makes it the sixth Isuzu they bought.

Walkers Diesel Services bought a NPS 300 4X4. It is the best thing that Richard Walker has ever done. This truck allows him to service his clients in both mining areas and in the city.

Audio Visual Events owns a NRP 200 Medium. Their operator, David Campbell, is very happy with this truck because it is reliable.

There is also an Isuzu Giga truck. This series has many pros. It is extremely reliable. The appearance is great. It is comfortable and it can pull the weight required for work.

Isuzu also just released a 2012 Isuzu D-Max pickup truck. It made it’s debut in Thailand. The launch in Australia will happen in 2013. It has a unique face with upswept headlights. It has a pair of 2.5 litre diesel engines producing 85kW and 110kW. Transmissions include a five-speed auto, which will replace the current Australian four-speed auto. Isuzu promises that this model is 42% stiffer than the outgoing model.

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