BALI REPUBLIC Releases New Line for the Outdoors

outdoor settingThe largest distributor of outdoor furniture in the Australia market, announces their new line of furniture simply named and detailed €œOutdoor Settings.€ The newline of outdoor furniture is professed by the designers to be the best and most wanted line BR has produced to date. The pre-order opportunities are still open, but the test market has already been reporting unprecedented success and satisfaction in their new line of outdoor furniture.

No matter where you live, when the weather is nice, everyone wants to be able to sit outside and enjoy the outdoor settings like the ones available from Sitting outside on your front porch is a pastime that is timeless and found all over the world. If you are going to sit only to have a cup of coffee, or for the duration of a conversation and a bottle of wine, most people would choose to be sitting in something comfortable. There are many manufacturers of patio and yard furniture, but BALIREPUBLIC offers a quality product unmatched in the Australian market for yard, patio and beach furniture. Having been in the business for years, BR is a specialist in outdoor specialty furniture, and is committed to staying within the guidelines of sustainability. BR is one of the only companies that actually shops for their product sources making sure they are sustainable producers. This is a huge responsibility for the manufacturer of sustainable products. If you do not research and reference your suppliers, then how can you accurately certify your product as sustainable? Many manufacturers look the other way and accept that their suppliers “know” where there product is derived from. The product possible comes from 3rd markets which means either the product is not authentically sustainable, or possibly it comes from unregulated work environments. Either way, this is not the direction that BR will every obtain product from which their furniture(s) are made. Keeping strict with their policies is what has made all their products dependable, top quality and exhibits long standing durability.

BR has a reliable reputation within the Australian market not only because of their sustainability program but also because they have a strong reputation in the community and dedication to the community and proudly supports SurfAid and donates 2.5% of their profits to their community program. This does not detract from their staff, supporters of investors, but everyone that is part of the BR family is happy mentally and financially.

You will not make a mistake with a BR product. By selecting their outdoor line of furniture you not only make a solid choice in your outdoor furniture; you make a choice for nature.


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