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I think this website is very helpful if you are looking for a new car. There are many reviews and interesting articles to be found. I like the car news and the car reviews. I myself am looking for a new car and found some interesting fact that I didn’t know before.

I think the option to buy and sell is a good one. It is nice to be able to use trustworthy websites to buy or sell a car instead of less than reputable ones that many people often end up using. I really like that there are videos to watch. Many times I like to learn something about what I am researching, but I don’t feel like actually reading. Being able to watch a video is a nice option.

I think that the color scheme of the website is good; it draws attention and screams “boldness.” Just looking at the home page I feel that I can trust what I read on the website simply because of the color and design. It looks like a lot of time has gone into making it look good. I didn’t really like the pop out advertisement. It always annoys me when I am trying to look at something and all the sudden I am being bombarded by some advertisement. I think that something to consider adding to the site would be a forum.

I see that there is a section where people have posted comments but it doesn’t seem like a full scale forum. Maybe a section where a buyer can ask specific questions to an expert would be a good idea. I think the loan calculator has some issues. There are two circles on the very top, one that says monthly next to it and one that says loan next to it. I am confused by what this means. With the comparisons I think it would be neat to be able to maybe click which two cars you want to compare instead of relying on the comparisons already done. I’m not sure if that would be possible, but it would be nice. It also seems like there aren’t very many comparisons.

Maybe if more got added, it would make the site better. I think the comparison would be something that most people would use. There are a lot of people that aren’t going to want to read through the articles about the car they want to buy, they just want to the point facts.

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