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First off, I like the layout of the webpage. It seems very professional. I like the big search tool to search for cars that are for sale. I like all the options it has to be able to customize your search. I like that the first page has news and reviews on it, but I think it would be better if those links were closer to the top instead of hidden at the bottom.

I really like the help centre, but I think it would be better if there was an option to ask your own question instead of having to rely on the questions that are already there. I feel like there are a lot of good tools on this website such as value your car, car research, compare cars, etc. I especially liked the car comparison tool. It is neat to be able to chose two completely seperate cars and see the similarities and differences instead of relying on articles that have been writen comparing cars that everyone already knows are very similar.

I liked the tool that lets you value your car. I think it would come in handy. I feel like the black and blue that is on every single page is good, but also kind of boring. It is good to have some continuity throughout the whole website, but it makes me feel like every page is exactly the same. I think the options available when you are looking at the new car showroom are amazing. A lot of websites will leave a lot of cars out and wont have all the makes and models. It seems like this website has done a good job at including most of them. I really like that on the news page you can search for your specific car instead of browsing through all of the reviews. I think most people don’t care a lot about a car unless it is one they own or one they are thinking about buying.

I think the advice section has some good articles but I think that the articles should appeal more to people who don’t really know a whole lot about cars. The experts aren’t going to need the advice so much and the articles were way over my head, and I do know more than a lot of girls about cars. So, that would be the main thing I would change, simpler articles, and more color.

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