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Klosters Review


With more than 7 decades in the used car industry, Klosters has managed to stand out as one of Australia’s largest distributors of used vehicles. Our business incepted in 1934 when the Kloster family opened a showroom in Newcastle’s Darby Street. Because the business experienced a very fast growth, in the 1960s the adjacent properties had […]

Top Five Used Car Websites in Australia

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If you’re looking for a used car, it can really help to start online. There are lots of websites out there that can help you find just the right used car, but it can save lots of time if you know what sites will work for you and what won’t. Here is a review of […]

Australian Truck Review

Isuzu Australia has great trucks. Since 1981, Isuzu has remained the number one seller of trucks throughout Australia. Isuzu strives to stay ahead when meeting exhaust gas emissions regulations. People and companies love Isuzu Australia so much that they after they have a first truck, they often purchase a second or more. Many owners of […]