Comparing Four Renowned Insurance Companies In Australia and the US

In this brief post, we’re going to compare four renowned insurance companies that offer competitive car coverage services in Australia and the US. Read on to find out which one offers the most superior combination of services.

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iSelect Review

iSelect is a leading insurance comparison site that enables users to compare different types of insurance policies on sale in Australia. Their car insurance comparison tool comprises of nine well known insurance companies namely: Virgin Money, Car Sure, Silver Fox, Retirease Insurance, ibuyeco, Kudo, Heels n Wheels, Budget Direct, Ozicare and Cashback.

Insurers are listed on a unique comparison page. You are however required to tick a disclaimer saying you understand all iSelect recommendations before proceeding to select the specific car type, model and year of manufacture you wish to find insurance details for.

How the Site Works

iSelect website is perfect for anyone who wants to conduct a needs analysis. It features well researched insurance information which you can take advantage of to maximize your value for money. What’s more, those seeking to purchase car insurance cover online can easily do so but only after answering a set of questions that will help generate a unique online quote. One can then use that quote to purchase an insurance policy online. At this point they’ll be transferred into the insurer’s online system.

The company was listed on the stock exchange a few months ago with its largest shareholders being: founder Damien Waller and Ninemsn.


NRMA Car Insurance Review

NRMA offers a range of car insurance packages for different needs. The company is part of the larger Insurance Australia Group (IAG) which is best known for an exemplary track record in availing turn-key insurance solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK and Asia. Established back in 1925, NRMA has gradually grown to offer a range of car insurance products including:

* Comprehensive car insurance

* Comprehensive plus

* Third party property damage

* Third party fire and theft

* Veteran, vintage classic

Right now, the company is slowly but surely making its way to being one of the premier insurance firms in Australia. They are currently putting a lot of effort in ACT, NSW and Tasmania where they not only provide high quality insurance but also aid in enriching the local community.

Some great benefits to gain from seeking NRMA car insurance cover include: accidental damage cover, coverage for emergency repairs, fire and theft cover and liability cover. Besides this wide range of benefits, they have a 24/7 customer help line which you can use to find answers to all your insurance queries and needs. They have affordable rates and relatively flexible payment options. Unlike iSelect which is primarily a comparison site, NRMA is a fully-fledged company that offers insurance solutions to paying customers.


Shift Insurance Review

Shiftin is a Los Angeles based car insurance agency that serves the entire California state. The company strives to be the number one source of car insurance resources in this expansive region. Their database comprises details of literary all top-rated insurance companies spread out in this highly populous state. They boast the latest tools to help anyone looking for in-depth information about car insurance get the finest details they need in order to make informed subscription choices.

With hundreds of insurance companies spread throughout out California, it can be quite difficult to tell which one offers the best deal for the weary shopper. This is where the services of agencies such as this come in handy. As an authorized agent for multiple top-rated car insurance companies, Shift is always best placed to help any driver get the best insurance deals and specials.

Unlike other insurance agents out there, Shift works directly for you and not the insurers. What’s more, they don’t charge services fees, billing or any endorsement charges. Besides that each member of their ever-warm team is highly trained and licensed by the California Department of Insurance. Most online reviews that we came across speak positively of this company’s customer support services.


TSC Direct Insurance

TSC Direct Insurance has been operating in New York and the Tri-state area since 1982. They are quick and amazingly efficient with their claims services. A typical car accident claim is processed within just 72 hours of the time that it’s received. The 20 year period they have been in business has given lots of experience and as of now, the company boasts an exemplary track record when it comes to customer satisfaction.

If you know a thing or two about insurance you probably are aware of the fact that big cities (such as NY) are usually very difficult to get low insurance rates because there is more traffic and thus increased risk of road accidents. However, TSC direct seems to do it things in a manner slightly different from the norm. Their rates are pretty affordable and in most cases you can save hundreds of dollars annually on policies.

The company is rated A (“Excellent”) from A.M Best which is one of America’s leading insurance rating organization. What’s more, the insurance company does not employ outside agents. They are therefore able to keep their operational costs as low as possible and pass the savings to you. The only downside with the otherwise perfect insurer is they don’t accept online payments.


To sum it up, each one of these four companies differ greatly. For instance, whereas iSelect and Shift Insurance offer basic comparison and agency services, the remaining two are fully-fledged insurance companies. Insurance comparison services come in handy when you want to compare car insurance before deciding on one. Not only can you see the difference between major car insurance companies in your area, you can see how vehicle insurance differs from one car to the next.

iSelect is incorporated in Australia and only offers insurance fundamental data that is exclusive to the Australian insurance context. On the other hand Shift is based in California and only offers agency services limited to this geographical area.

A couple of differences also exist between the two insurance companies i.e NRMA and TSC Direct Insurance. Their policies are significantly different; structure-wise and content-wise. This could be due to differences in insurance needs amongst car insurance seekers in their respective locations. Another glaring difference is that NRMA offers online subscription services but TSC does not.

At a glance however, Shiftin seems to have slightly superior services than the rest.