Controlling the flow –

Precision control of flowing liquids and gases and granulated substances is a requirement in many industries where even a fraction of a percent too much or too little can spell disaster. Other times miniscule amounts don’t make that much of a difference.

On top of that, consider the need to match the type of controlling device to what is being controlled. What works in a highly corrosive environment may not work in a pH neutral environment. What works well for a gas may not work at all for an agriculture application of dry fertilizer. Sometimes the flow needs to be gradually increased to gradually decreased.

Australia’s premier valve distributor,, has a product line that can meet the needs of anyone who has material flow issues and priorities. ValvesOnline’s products are all either manufactured in Australia or put together from materials shipped in which means their quality is incomparable. The company distributes across Australia, New Zealand and throughout the Pacific region to manufacturing concerns, governments and agriculture concerns.

Consider the manual butterfly valves. These are important to farmers when spraying crops because the farmer can immediately shut the flow off when at the end of a field of crops, turn the sprayer around and immediately restore the flow of as he drives down the next row in the field. A quick tug is all it takes to put the application completely under the farmer’s control.

With gas or liquid flow, especially where these substances are hazardous to humans, consider ValvesOnline’s extensive offering of solenoid valves. With a very wide variety of product lines up to and including explosion proof, these valves are made in brass, stainless steel, plastic, and cast iron. The company offers five main lines, Direct Acting, Differential, High Pressure, High Temperature and Flame Proof.

Beyond the two products already mentioned, ValvesOnline offers Air Service Equipment, Ball Valves, Econo valves which are designed for neutral fluids, Pinch Valves, Pressure and Vacuum Switches, Timers and Connector Plugs and Tubing and Fitting for an even broader array of applications.

Still confused about which valve is right for your application? ValvesOnline’s website has a handy reference chart with the industry terms explained in layman’s words so finding what you need is simple. The company’s 2012 Buyer’s Guide, which contains images and technical details of all the product lines, is available either as a PDF download right to your computer

or you can request one be mailed to you.



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