Corporate Challenge – Team Building at its Best


Corporate Challenge prides itself as the largest specialists in Australia and New Zealand when it comes to teambuilding. This team of experts has been in operation since 1994 and has accumulated experience in organising conferences, events and developing teambuilding activities.


The team of experts is vested in your conference and events from start to finish. A professional carries out all the preparations and ensures that things run smoothly during the conference. The equipment used is of high quality and well suitable for various platforms. This does away with confusion as your focus remains in delivery rather than production. 

Corporate Challenge takes strategic steps in ensuring your specific objectives are met. This is because different organisations have different needs. The professional staff caters for various team sizes including small teams. One member becomes the appointed point person to avoid confusion and to focus on the needs of your organisation. This ensures communications runs smoothly and delivery is above standard.

The services offered depend on the expected objectives. There are events with tailored outcomes expected. These focus on improving communication and fostering team spirit. Other events focus on recreation, relaxation and bonding within team members. Organisations decide on whether the program should be held indoors or outdoors and the amount of time to be spent. The events can take place for a few hours, half day or a full day. 

Charity is very important to Corporate Challenge. This is shown by their ever present charity events. They integrate the community in their team building activities. Charity team building activities mesh well with corporate team building activities. Activities such as building bikes for children’s charities foster friendly competition, team interaction and create awareness on social responsibility. 

Teams can also participate in cooking for a cause. This is where the teams come together to cook for charity organisations or raise awareness on issues affecting the community. It is a fun, satisfying event that fosters unity and working together.

Corporate team building activities include activities such as city scramble. This is where history meets fun in the search of hidden treasures. The activity involves the use of local trivia and written instructions to find clues and solve puzzles. This entails the use of communication, negotiation and strategy to complete given tasks. 

There are fun beach activities that teams get to enjoy. A beach barbeque is a wonderful way to relax and experience social interaction away from the office. Corporate Challenge organises awesome beach Olympics activities. This is a more challenging and fun filled experience for team members. It gives teams opportunities to excel in team events as well as individual events. It is a nice atmosphere to foster interaction and break the monotony of office work.

Corporate Challenge has numerous teambuilding activities including the more challenging boot camps and Survivor challenges. All their activities focus on improving teams and encouraging good communication, leadership skills, strategic thinking and time management. There are no hidden costs and no confusion. Corporate Challenge is excellent for organisations that understand the importance of effective team building and social responsibility.