Dancing poles

Let me start by saying thank you to the people at www.poledancingpoles.info. The website was conveniently laid out, it was easy to navigate, and the purchasing process was simple and confidential. It was a difficult product to buy in person, so I appreciated how much information and detail was available online to spare me an embarrassing trip to a local shop.
My wife is quite heavy, and our sex life has suffered accordingly. She needed some exercise equipment that would make her feel confident and sexy while shedding a few stone. It got to the point where I threatened her with divorce unless she lost at least three stone. This woman ate like a Tasmanian devil! She looked like a kangaroo ate a wallaby! I had to drink three Fosters before I could even look at her.
Only four months later, my wife has lost three stone and looked amazing while doing it. The pole sets up right in the centre of our bedroom, which was convenient for our love life. She was able to shake her thing in the privacy of our own home, instead of suffering the embarrassment of waddling out in public. She even practiced a little routine for me while I was at work, which was a pleasant surprise to find at the end of the day!
When we go down to the beach on Christmas, I know my wife is going to look better than most of the posh ladies there. I cannot wait to parade her around in a bikini swimsuit, thanks to the pole dancing equipment I bought from www.poledancingpoles.info. If our equipment ever gets broken, I will be placing an immediate order with this company. I can’t stand to have a wife that heavy ever again — thanks for saving my marriage!


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