For Making The Perfect Video – Big and Small Productions

Sophisticated media technologies can create a huge impression on audience. Right combination of technology and techniques of videography, photography, marketing and internet can leave your clients in awe.



Looking for a quality, professional video at an affordable price??

Big and Small productions is a full service media production company serving national and international clients from our Melbourne based office. We understand that engaging, dynamic and entertaining video is the most effective way to promote your business. Therefore, we provide a marketing medium that not just engages our customers but entertains their imaginations.

The company has established under the steady hand of founder, Matthew Hendley. Since its birth, the company has grown employing the services of a variety of video professionals. Stunning video programming, world-class animation, editing and motion-graphics capabilities are some of the features of our company. We specialize in creating and delivering videos for trade shows, retail spaces, outdoor and other environments.

Services offered

At Big and Small Productions, we are fluent in the language of media in all its dialects. From script to screen, we provide all the necessary components for developing a successful video for our client. Our wide range of services include video production for corporate businesses, TV commercial, event filming, web videos and 360 degree virtual tours.

The team

The team of skilled professionals who brings a passion for film/audio production to each project. They always look for ways to make your project unique, and speak specifically to your needs. The team of experts works closely with the clients to ensure they have the product to be proud of.