Get everything you need for your lovely pet

Love My Pet is one of the leading online pet stores based in Australia. It was established in 1997 and to date it has sold well over 1 million products. This pet store mainly deals in vet products for cats and dogs. However, it is also a one stop shop for other accessories among others pet toys and aids. There is a wide array of products sold by this company and the following is a breakdown in this regard.


Products Available

Love My Pet avails products that cater to the wholesome well being of your dog and cat. When it comes to dog health people can order a variety of medicines online. If your dog is suffering with arthritis, they supply dog arthritis remedies such as Sasha Blend and Pernaese. In addition, they provide resources on the topic of arthritis to give pet owners some insight before buying the medication. To help cure or prevent infestation by fleas of ticks, Love My Pet sells tablets as well as creams that safeguard your pet from this problem.


Dog heartworm is another common problem in your furry friend. In this light, this online pet store stocks medication that will help prevent and cure dog and cat heartworm. People can choose from spot-on applications to tablets. The oral health of your dog is pivotal to enable healthy feeding. In this regard, you can buy a wide array of oral care products that protect teeth, gums and the breath of your four legged friend. An example of a dog oral product sold here is the DentiPet toothpaste which comes in beef and chicken flavors to the delight of your dog. When you need to de worm your dog, this store sells wormers as well.



Love My Pet also avails dog coats that are tasteful to give your dog the right look. If you live near the beach or go swimming often, your dog does not have to be left behind because you can buy dog life jackets from this online store. If you have a nagging dog that keep barking uncontrollably, get dog accessories that will help solve the problem. Those who are training their dogs will also get an assortment of training aids to make work much easier. When your dog is under the weather, you can buy heat pads that can provide comfort during winter or even when they are sick.


Love My Pet as hinted above also stocks supplies for your cat. Whether you need cat medications to treat eye, ear or nose problems; this store has it all. Calming sprays and invisible barriers are training aids for cats and they are available as well. Cat toys and other accessories just like the dog products are numerous. This online pet store is dedicated to enhancing the well being of your loyal pet. Their site contains a lot of resources and guides to help clients understand the problems faced by pets. The products are also discounted. Love My Pet provides free shipping to orders that are over $200. However, their web page is a bit busy making it a bit taxing for clients to get around as they make orders.