A Stress Free Move Thanks to Gold Coast Relocations

Gold Coast When my job wanted me to relocate to Queensland, Australia I was more than a little worried. I was moving to a place that I had never been, and while there were other employees from my company there I had never met them. Needless to say I was prepared for a stressful and difficult move. But then one of my co-workers recommended that I call Gold Coast Relocations, and that one phone call changed everything for me.

They sent me a wonderful packet of information on the Gold Coast; it included a list of places near where I would be moving. They provided details on restaurants, shopping, and even where I could find interesting things to do on the weekends. In addition, the information they sent about getting my tax file number and drivers license made things so much easier for me, I was able to prepare in advance and make sure all of the important things were taken care of straight away.


In the months prior to my move the staff at Gold Coast Relocation was terrific in helping me secure a long term rental property. They listened to what I wanted and sent me options that more than met my expectations. They helped me in securing the accommodations I wanted and took complete ownership of the process. All I had to do was arrive!

Upon arrival I was thrilled to find that they had arranged transportation for me to my new location. And the accommodations were even better than I had imagined. Everything that I needed was there; they even included a welcome basket that included a few essential items to help me get settled in right away. In addition they were able to arrange furnishings for my new home while I waited for my belongings to arrive from the US, they took care of everything from hiring to delivery. The entire move was seamless and easy, and I could not have done it without Gold Coast Relocation.

Anyone who is relocating to Queensland should absolutely call Gold Coast Relocation. They were a joy to work with, and their professionalism and dedication made my relocation a positive and exciting experience. I cannot thank them enough for taking the stress out of relocating.


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