Life Insurance Quotes

Guardian Insurance has an unusual claim, unlike other companies, that its communications with customers are straightforward and it is here to assist clients on their terms. Both assertions are pretty attention grabbing to potential insurance buyers, as they read the company’s introduction on its similarly eye-catching website, designed using an orange and blue only color scheme. Insurance policies can be complicated as we all know and that’s why I think the company makes good, relevant points in its promise.

Guardian Insurance intends to make its insurance products transparent, flexible, and easy to understand and get. To get started, an interested customer can go to the company’s website,, to request information in the mail, to find the company’s phone number to call or leave your number on the website to have them to call you, or proceed with everything directly online, whichever way is preferred. The company’s slogan goes like: There is More to Life, with Guardian.

Guardian Insurance provides Australian families with a wide range of personal insurance products under its three lines of insurance policies: life insurance, funeral insurance, and accident insurance. At Guardian Insurance, people refer “organizing life insurance as the ultimate unselfish act.” Its life insurance starts as little as $1.55 a week and covers up to $1.5 million.

To achieve greater peace of mind, in addition to the life insurance benefit itself, the policy can be coupled with options of including other living benefits, such as covering your children’s illness and your own as defined, or covering a total and permanent disability for you. A person’s living with a serious illness or being disabled would probably cost no less to the family than the unfortunate death of its main income earner but a pure life insurance would not cover that. So I do think adding living benefit to a life insurance by the company fulfills its promise of helping customers on their terms so go and ask for one of their life insurance or income protection quotes, you’d be happy to find that it going to be probably the best quote you’ll get!


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