Income Protection by Insurance House

Started in 1983 in Echuca, Insurance House Pty Ltd has grown to be one of the most renowned companies in the insurance industry in Australia. For instance, in its three decades of operation, the company has opened operations in nearly all major cities in Australia including North Sydney, Brisbane, Liverpool, Melbourne, Tamworth, Kyabram, Echuna, Erina, NSW and Queensland, just to mention a few.

It has grown from 130 company executives who serve a client base of over 33,000 across Australia and South East Asia. Now, Insurance House is now able to attract over AU$140m in premiums revenue annually. It has a proven track record of being one of the best insurance companies in Australia. For instance, it is a market leader in innovation; it is often the first to introduce products that many insurance companies shy from venturing into. In just 20 years of operations, Insurance House was able to negotiate a professional indemnity underwriting contract with Lloyds after which it started the Professional Risks Underwriting Pty Ltd. This fully owned subsidiary of Insurance House has expanded operations to start providing indemnity cover for professionals, officers, directors, medical malpractice, property marine, accident and illness and general liability.

Insurance House also founded the Investment House Pty Ltd., whose operations mainly center on insurance brokering. It is basically a cover meant to cater for all aspects of insurance for different clients. The success of Insurance House throughout its years in operation can greatly be linked to the skills diversity that this company has in its workforce. It boasts of the best administration support department, insurance brokers, underwriters and other professionals who are committed to customer satisfaction.

The company can boast of having some of Australia’s most knowledgeable, and highly recognized insurance brokers and underwriters within our staff. High quality staff and a complete administration support department (accountants, lawyers, IT and Human Resources) allow our experts to concentrate on our clients, and not be distracted by time consuming administration matters. Thus clients can benefit from undivided attention.

In a bid to make clients live a more certain life, Insurance House has introduced a revolutionary product called income protection whose aim is to cater for the needs of those who lose their income unexpectedly. The company understands how important it is for people to be certain about their ability to generate a steady income, since this influences their spending and investing habits considerably. Income Protection by Insurance House is designed to make people pay their bills, debts, and mortgages. They can also plan to invest towards their retirement without hitches relating to their inability to generate income as expected. The underlying idea behind this cover is that a lot of disruptions happen when you cannot earn money; it may be defaulted mortgage payments, defaulted rental payments, an inability to contribute to the retirement fund and many other incidents that may be hard to recover from.

What features do you get through the Income Protection?

This is a taxable deduction, which is a plus since you save on your taxable income. You can also use the proceeds from this product to fund emergencies that may be a blow to your financial well being if not handled properly. With this product, you can solve some of the most complex situations in life without much trouble.