Infra Red Sauna: Why They Are beneficial, And Separate The Myths From The Facts

You can’t miss them at your local gym and uptown suburbs. Saunas have been around for decades now, because they are believed to bring a number of health benefits to those who dare indulge in them. The history of Saunas originated in Finland, and they have since spread to Northern and Eastern Europe, Asia as well as the continent of America.

There’s only one thing that has changed about saunas. Unlike the steam-heated cabins we used to have decades ago, the modern sauna combines a technology that enables them to emit Far infrared lights which are beneficial to the body in a number of ways. There are more and more companies offering far infrared saunas, like Sunlighten. With that, people are starting to raise concerns about repeated exposure to electromagnetic fields, fearing that this technology could bring more harm than good. So, if that’s the case, are there any benefits with infra red sauna? What are the downsides? That’s a question that many people are now asking, and there are a lot of scientific studies explaining infra red saunas. This article demystifies and separates the myths from the truth, so that you get to understand what infra red saunas are all about. Let’s get started:


For a long time, detoxification has been viewed as a way to help individuals feel and look good, after disposing off unwanted chemicals and impurities that wretch up the body. And if you work in an environment considered a health hazard, detoxification should be your second nature. A study conducted for 3 weeks on electrical workers showed a drop of pesticide levels in their adipose tissue by 21.2% after undergoing sauna treatment for periods between 5-10 hours per session.

Shockingly, another study conducted on 69 police officers who had been exposed to methamphetamine and other deadly compounds were subjected to a 4-6 weeks treatment plan, which involved a combination of exercise, proper diet and 4 hours of daily sauna treatment therapy. There was a significant improvement in the overall health of these individuals, as the toxic levels in their bodies went down drastically.

What are the cardiovascular benefits?

Sauna therapy stimulates the heart to increase its rate of pumping blood. It also increases the metabolic rate and oxygen consumption. This is ideally what happens when an individual engages in a moderate exercise. That means sauna may be the best option for those who can’t exercise their bodies for some reasons.

However, an increased heart rate could also present problems to those who have had a history of heart ailments in the past. But with sauna, it’s much safer and in rare occasions do individuals experience adverse side effects. In a study involving 6,175 participants who were tested, only 1.7% of that figure were adversely affected after being subjected to sauna treatment.

Generally, sauna is very friendly, even to people who have suffered Myocardial Infarction (MI) before. There are two studies that were conducted on patients who had suffered MI and no adverse side effects were reported whatsoever. They were observed both for short and long term and the results was positive. Sauna is also beneficial to people who suffer from hypertension and high blood pressure.

FIR sauna has also been shown to treat congestive heart failure. In a study, patients were placed in a 60 degrees celsius FIR sauna and they showed a significant decrease in oxydative stress and abnormal heart rhythm. This study (which was conducted by the Japanese) showed an improvement in patients who suffered cardio vascular ailments in general. Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease showed a positive response as well.

Most patients of type 2 melitus diabetes also suffer from blood pressure, high cholesterol levels as well as excessive weight. The FIR sauna lowers the blood pressure of such individuals, improves their stress and fatigue levels that they may encounter. That means if FIR sauna therapy is incorporated into an individual’s daily routine treatment plan, it will significantly improve their QOL.

Other benefits of FIR sauna

Chronic fatigue syndrome manifests with a number of traits. Such patients may experience hormonal imbalance, chronic pain, disrupted sleeping patterns, allergies, neurocognitive complications, extreme weight change and many more. Thanks to the 3 Japanese studies which showed that FIR sauna can treat fatigue, pain as well as change one’s emotional state. It enables individuals to sleep better, hence improving productivity at the work place.

Electromagnetic field exposure

This is what brought about concerns in the year 1970, when some researched became concerned about the effects of EMF on body cells and whether or not they could cause cancer in individuals. It was not until the year 1996 when the truth about EMF was discovered, courtesy of the International Electromagnetic Field Project.

The FIR sauna is categorized under low-frequency electric field appliances. Typically, they measure between 0-100,000 HZ. Power lines run between 50-60HZ (and that presents a risk ration of 1.5-2). Shockingly, tobacco smoking presented a risk ration of more than 10.

Then, in 2005, a task force of experts commissioned by WHO concluded that the electromagnetic fields produced by FIR saunas are much weaker than those encountered by individuals on a day to day basis.


FIR saunas are very beneficial in boosting one’s overall health. They can help treat or improve your cardiovascular health, as well as chronic conditions such as FMS, CFS, RA and many more. The technology detoxifies the body, and is very beneficial to people who work in hazardous work environments.

Even though some people still think there’s a substantial risks with FIR saunas, newer models have intruded the market, emitting safer levels of EMF, and that means health risks are almost at nil.