IPIN Global Review

IPIN Global is an international property and real estate company that searches for superior investment opportunities that they then present to their members. Membership  of IPIN Global is currently free and the company claims to have more than 60,000 members in over 150 countries around the world.


IPIN Global leverages its large membership of willing real estate investors to negotiate the best deals on properties ranging from shopping centers to office buildings and from upscale housing developments to government sanctioned Section 8 Housing.

All potential property investments are thoroughly investigated by the company before being approved for potential investment by the company’s members. Approximately one in every 100 property deals is able to meet the rigid criteria demanded by IPIN Global and become an eligible investment property strategy.

Due diligence means doing a thorough investigation of both the financial feasibility of each individual situation and also doing risk analysis and projections of potential returns on the investment. Focusing on how properties are being developed and the knowledge and experience of the management group that is developing and marketing the property is just one way that IPIN forms an opinion on the viability of the potential investment. They will visit the property, check official records and do any  legal research to make sure there are no unexpected pitfalls prior to releasing the project as a property investment strategy to its members.

One of the very positive aspects of this company is that they operate with great transparency. There is never any high pressure sales pitch to their members to invest in any property they recommend. In fact, they almost insist that potential investors do their own research and encourage due diligence before agreeing to make an investment.

Many of the members are sophisticated investors that have a substantial amount of money already invested in real estate. There are some that run real estate funds or are responsible for corporate real estate acquisition. There are also individuals looking to earn a safe annual return and others that want to balance out a well-rounded portfolio.

I believe that IPIN Global, which has been helping property investors find some excellent deals since 2004 is a very professional and responsible company that is particularly well positioned to take advantage of the many opportunities created by the current depressed real estate market. I would highly recommend that serious property investors sign up for a free membership and then carefully investigate and explore any investment opportunities presented by IPIN Global before investing. Not all investments are right for everyone. Only choose those that you feel most comfortable with before investing your hard-earned money.


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