Jekkle Makes Textbook Purchases Easy

The top concern for any university student is money and a lot of the same is spent on buying books required for the courses they’re taking. Apart from bearing the expenses of conventional textbooks, a student may also be required to take out time from his busy schedule to look for the books of his choice.

That is where Jekkle University Textbooks comes in. Jekkle is all about delivering a quick, easy and inexpensive textbook service all around Australia.

Benefits of Using Jekkle

Students can log on to the official site – to extensively find any online textbook they require. Anything from the title of the book to the name of the author or even the ISBN can be entered to find the desired book. Known publications like LexisNexis, Oxford University Press, McGraw-Hill, Elsevier, Thomson Reuters and Cengage Learning deliver authentic textbooks to students.

Textbooks are costly, which is why Jekkle University Textbooks offers the option to rent textbooks to the students. Students not only save money in this manner, but also avoid the trouble caused of finding a buyer for the books once the Semester is over. Moreover, the quality of the rental textbooks is well intact and in prime condition.

If a student requires a book urgently, they can have it delivered within 3 hours via the ”want it now” option during checkout, an excellent way to save precious time on those crunch hours spent on preparing for exams.

The integrated partnership with Fastway Couriers and Australia Post guarantees express delivery on all orders within the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Students can even sell their used textbooks at Jekkle. All they need to do is type in the ISBN and Jekkle does the rest. No never ending forms, no emails, they really know the value of a student’s time. So much so, the site even covers the charges for the delivery of the book from the students’ dorm to the Jekkle headquarters.

Payments and transactions are fast and efficient. A fourteen-day return period is also reserved if the ordered book is not to the liking of the student.

At Jekkle University textbooks, the formation of a community is also encouraged so that students can find those second hand uni textbooks more conveniently and efficiently avoiding the hassle of having to search for rare textbooks.

To add to all of the above, with eTextbooks, students can download just the chapters they need and hence end up saving over forty five percent of their money in the process. The downloaded material can be viewed across multiple platforms and devices.

At Jekkle University Textbooks, a free delivery with tracking is given for every two books purchased or rented. Unlike its competitors and other online selling sites, Jekkle delivers interstate for $10.95 only. Moreover it gives the students a flat rate of just $7.95 within the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

Cons of Using Jekkle

As much as Jekkle may have made research and reference work for students simpler, with the onset of technological advancements and increase in delivery services the culture of studying at a library has been lost. Students tend to omit vast reading and focus on gaining selective knowledge, and while they don’t see any harm in that, critics are of the opinion that the scope of knowledge is being severely limited.
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