JMS 024 Range Dust Collector Review

The JMS Range Dust Collector is quite a piece of machinery to behold when you compare with other models of its kind in the market. You can tell that Grydale really took their time to come up with and produce it as every single component of this dust collector is well thought out.

First and foremost, the JMS-024 comes with an impressive 24 filters in every unit. These handle the filtration of all the dust being sucked in over a filter area of 696 meters squared. A majority of the other dust collectors in the market would have to use many more filters to handle this very same filter area which translates to more energy consumption.

One of the things that really sets the JMS Range Dust Collector apart from all the rivals in the market is their P-Tac Technology. This technology comes with a sophisticated acoustic dampener that gives it 2 powerful advantages over every other dust collector available in the same price bracket. The first advantage is that it does not use as much compressed air as its competitors to do the cleaning. This dust collector uses roughly ¾ of what all the other models of its kind in the market are using. The second advantage of the acoustic dampener is that it has greatly reduced the pulse cleaning noise emitted by the collector. It makes 35% less noise than the nearest rival of its caliber.

Grydale also went a step further to make sure that the vertical cartridges used have more filter media in them than those of their competitors. This means that for the same number of filter cartridges being used in the collectors, you now get an extra 10% more dust and fume being filtered in comparison to other brands available.

All in all, when you buy the JMS Range Dust Collector, you are getting a conveniently sized collector packed with much more filtration power at reduced noise levels.


Photo by Filblast.