Make Your Home Shine With Dusk

Dusk is Australia’s favourite candle store that is receiving global acclaim for its handmade candles and accessories. At Dusk you will find everything that you need in our large selection of high quality fragrant candle waxes, fragrant oils, candle containers, wicks and beautiful home décor gifts.

Dusk is a recognized leader in candle making industry with a passion for beauty and style while thinking of the environment too. This is why we do our best in our Western Australian Perth factory to ensure that every new candle scented experience is as good or better than your previous purchase.

Professional candle makers at Dusk continue a cherished legacy of superior craftsmanship that is a central part of our reputation. With over six million candles produced annually, we maintain a consistency of developing new and better ways to richly enhance the lives of our customers.

Dusk candle making team is in harmony with the world of fragrance, as we search for new scents that will be perfect for our customers. We seek out fragrance ideas that will help our customers to pleasantly relive the memories and experiences of daily life, as well as impressing new memories.

When customers purchase any of Dusk candles and gifts, they are receiving quality made products from a reputable Australian company. Once the right fragrances have seen elected, we ensure that our unique candles live up to the promise of long burning time,  from 20 hours to 70 hours.

The Dusk candle experience involves producing fragrances that stem from a rigorous screening process and are tested by our highly experienced team of fragrance professionals to keep our store stocked with wonderful scented greatness. Our testing also keeps our customers foremost in our products so that they can enjoy sweetness and not offensively strong scents that might be unpleasant to our senses.

Let Dusk take you on a journey in a range of fragrances that include fresh, clean, outdoor and festive fragrances that involve Cherry Blossom; Ylang, Ylang; Lavender; Leafy Greens; Citrus; Musky and Patchouli. These fragrances also introduce new and trendy scents and musing thoughts that are threaded among our classic favourites.

With every fragrance of Dusk and with all of the Dusk products, our reputation is out front and we know that our quality is what our treasured customers expect and what we also strive to maintain. In addition to our premium candles, whatever the occasion or holiday, let us stimulate your imagination and mood with mood reeds, mood music, candle holders, fine glassware, ethanol fireplaces, aromatherapy and aromatics.

Other accessories which provide varying colours and which help to set that special atmosphere, includes ornate plates, trays, flowers, shades, frames, stones and sand, and plenty of decorating items for a candle setting. These products help evoke the kind of relaxing and romantic experience we want you to enjoy. As a Dusk member, you will receive lots of rewards and be eligible to win exciting travel prizes.

Purchase and save on Dusk gift cards for a special treat for those you love and to love and pamper yourself. We are also happy to introduce the Dusk At Home concept where our cherished customers can shop in the privacy of their homes. Sign up as a party host or consultant to earn extra money and help to make homes shine. Our home team members will guide you step by step to become financially independent with a premium product.