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The first thing I saw about this website that I really didn’t like was the immediate pop up to subscribe to the magazine. Not only is it a popup, which is annoying on its own, but it has scantily dressed ladies on it. This doesn’t bother me much, but I think it would offend some people. Another thing I didn’t like was the visa/MasterCard, etc. logos right on the top of the page. It makes me feel like I am going to be pressured into buying something on this website. I haven’t even scrolled down yet and I feel like the main reason of this website is to sucker me into buying something that I probably don’t want and for sure don’t need.

Of course, this website is based on making money selling things to people so maybe that is what the designer is trying to get across. I think the front page is very cluster and noisy. I feel like it should be toned down a bit. The first thing I look at when I am comparison shopping is the reviews. Do I really want this brand or should I get another one? I hope that other people’s reviews will answer those questions for me. I clicked on a few products and none of them had any kind of reviews.

This is a big turn off for me. I feel like the website uses sex appeal a little too much. Are they trying to sell the girls or the parts? This might work for the male clients, which I am sure is most of the clients, but it immediately turns the females off to the website. I like the search though. I like that you can put in your make and model or use a keyword search. I think there should be more client-to-client talk, like a forum or something. There should be some place on the website that a client can go and ask someone who has shopped for the company before questions. It is good to hear from outside sources that a website is in fact a reputable website. I think the overall layout is decent, besides the nearly naked girls and the overcrowding of product on the home page.

I feel like the home page should be a little more open and most of the product should be found after clicking links. That way, the shopper is not over whelmed by products he or she doesn’t care for. It would distract the shopper from their real goal.

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