New Age Store Open for Truth Seekers

candles New Age Markets – The Hippie Shop – is the store for hippies, counterculture revolutionaries, seekers of universal truth and mystics, ready to serve all of Australia’s inquisitive new age souls.

This new age store offers a wide selection of gifts, clothing, candles, crystals and collectibles. Healing oils, Egyptian artifacts, feng shui items and purification incense are in stock now.

Seekers of satori will be spellbound by the latest clothing from Om Shantipi, Inti, Zeb Art and Orientique. New age books are here, covering everything from the Wiccan Bible to life guidance from the Dalai Lama.

Wrap yourself in the luxury of real voile cotton. Offer a midiwin song to Gitchee Manitou with sacred American Indian sage.

Kurta tops made from cotton voile allow the body to breathe, while offering protection from sunburn. Buy your favourite Kurta on sale now. The lightweight cotton pants with stripes are ideal for lounging around the dojo. Sizes run from small to extra large. Fisherman pants are easy to slip into and are on sale now for $19.90.

Hand-crafted singing bowls are fantastic for lifting heavy spirits, energizing the personal aura and ridding the soul of negative energy. These wonderful bowls are personally selected by New Age Markets buyers on excursions to markets overseas.

Negative energy is swept away by using American Indian smudging sticks. These sacred sage bundles are ideal for chasing evil spirits away. This is the same powerful medicine used by American Indian midiwin medicine men at pow-wows and in sweat lodges. These work well for medicine women, too.

Incense burners are offered in a variety of sticks, including Black Opium, Dragon’s Blood, Meditation, Nag Champa, Purple Haze, Precious Chandan and other excellent brands. Try a pack today to make your home inviting to friendly spirit helpers.

The selection of candles is wide and will serve as the perfect complement to healing ceremonies and meditation sessions. New Age Markets offers natural beeswax candles, meditation candles, English tealight candles, glass candle plates and soy candles in glass jars. See the complete collection now.

New Age Markets offers a wide array of products at the new online store. We have a diverse selection of unique gifts, alternative products and spiritual offerings. We are proud of our fair trade philosophy and seek out unique products from around the world. Visit our award-winning new age store in Springfield west of Sydney for a unique shopping trip that the whole family will enjoy.

New Age Markets in Blue Mountains, NSW Australia, is open from 9 am until 5:30 pm, Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, the hours are from 9:30 am until 4 pm. The online shop is open 24 hours a day.


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