New Age Telco Company

With the recent National Security Agency (NSA) leaks that revealed business data may not be safe in the monopoly of US data centres, many businesses across the globe and governments have been turning to hosting outside the US for their IT infrastructure needs. One of these hosting and business telecommunications companies is Australia based Macquarie Telecom.

MacquarieTelecom Cloud and Communications

The company has its headquarters in Sydney, and is a full service provider that offers business class cloud hosting, managed dedicated servers and managed collocation for corporate and government IT departments and medium sized businesses.

It promises to provide comprehensive communication solutions to businesses including corporate grade full line telecommunications such as data, mobile and voice, as well as easy transition to the cloud network.

Since its establishment way back in 1992, the company has seen tremendous growth. It is one of the oldest companies in its industry in Australia and today it is one of the major providers of telecommunication services to national as well as global clients.

One of the company’s latest high profile clients is the Australian government, with the Canberra based Intellicentre 4, Managed Security Centre established to support the gateway consolidation program of the Federal Government. Here is a look at the services that Macquarie Telecom provides.

Business NBN Services

Macquarie Telecom’s high speed business grade broadband services are flexible and affordable, aimed to work with cloud computing and enhance mobility as well as increase productivity. It uses the National Broadband Network to completely replace existing broadband services across the country and offers broadband technology that is independent of political constraints.

With a series of services like voice and data bundles and business class SLG supported by increased uptime, high reliability and a focus on government and business solutions, the company is highly regarded in the industry.

Mobile Network Options For Businesses

Macquarie Telecom also offers support for business mobile network requirements that need to be customized for performance and affordability. Offering greater control over mobile communication, the company helps businesses leverage the services provided by Australia’s three major mobile networks namely, Telstra, Vodafone and Optus.

It is the only multi-carrier business provider for mobile services in the country. It sources the right network that is perfectly suited for each business’s speed, coverage, technology, device and cost needs. Businesses can choose the best mobile network for them by consulting with the company’s mobile network experts.

Cloud Hosting

The company’s cloud computing services are geared towards critical application hosting. One of the major concerns that businesses have with cloud communications is security. The company takes care of such concerns with its state of the art data centres and an expert operational and engineering team that operate round the clock.

Cloud services provided include managed security, dedicated servers, managed colocation, data storage and other business hosting and backup solutions.

Intellicentre 1 located in Sydney has won accolades and awards since it was built in 2000 to provide secure hosting and colocation solutions for businesses. Intellicentre 2, also located in Sydney, offers a Tier III certified data centre that is globally accredited and certified.

Intellicentre 4 is the company’s Managed Security Centre located in Canberra. This data centre offers increased security for its clients by reducing the number of gateways it hosts from 128 to 8. Governments and corporate benefit from the additional sense of security in knowing that their data is hosted in Australia.

Unified Communication

The company’s Unified Communication service allows businesses to conduct location independent meetings with clients and colleagues across the world. It offers easy integration between desktop and video conferencing through a single interface, with customizable options for any type of meeting.

Users can share desktops and applications, manage meetings and conduct web tours with simple desktop commands. Meetings are easily scheduled through the integration of Microsoft Outlook calendars, making it simpler for clients to stay organized.

Businesses also use the company’s unified communication services for events such as product launches, marketing and sales, managing investor relations, sales presentations, e-learning and a lot more, through a combination of audio, video and web conferencing features. Operator-assisted options are also available.

Macquarie Telecom also offers high standards of customer care. In 2008, it was adjudged as one of the world’s best providers of customer support through its Personal Accountable Service program.