Now Every Room is Linen Room


Rare Furnishings
Among the many things that keep people tied to their homes is the feel and touch of the linen in their rooms. The feel of the rug, the comfort of a bed-spread or a particular pillow provides a range of tactile sensations which define our very selves. Even a small house lives large in the memory of guests if the floor carpet has the right color and texture. The subtle influence of correct furnishing goes a long way towards defining comfort, warmth and hospitality. Shopping at Linen Room brings these generally unconscious considerations to the forefront. Where most stores are proud of overselling their products and blindsiding consumers with fluff and filigree, Linen Room is content to let its products speak for themselves and assert their own value to consumers. 



Online Store
Linen Room began as a retail store which opened in 2006 in the upscale suburbs of Ivanhoe, Melbourne. Like many small businesses, it hopes to expand its reach and attract a wider range of consumers. Instead of opening another branch and expanding its staff, Linen Room has taken the more elegant option of creating a beautifully designed website that is easy to browse and explore. From this website: consumers can order and purchase high quality linen from luxury brands such as Linen House, Ardour, Logan & Mason, in addition to the store’s very own In 2 Linen’ label. Starting from Melbourne, Linen Room now aims to deliver its products to any part of Australia and within 48 hours. 

Bed and Kitchen Linen
Linen Room’s website is simple to glance and browse, the information on products is basic and minimal. Very wisely it leans towards visual communication, with well-lit pictures prioritizing textures and colours of fabrics that can be zoomed in at the consumer’s convenience. It offers bed linens (in Super King Size) and quilt covers (in Super King, King, Queen, Double and Single sizes) doonas and bed valances for the extra storage space beneath the beds. In addition to luxury linen, it also offers simple mattresses and coverlets.What makes Linen Room unusual though is the range of items on offer in categories that are otherwise under-prioritized in the market, namely linen for kitchen and house cleaning use. Not content with basic or simple models, Linen Room offers a range of selection in cooking gloves with Tuscany Gloves in Olive and Rose colour as well as Lillian oven pot holders and a range of options in placemats of ornate patterns and strange decorations as well as a Microfibre dish-drying mat which absorbs moisture and keeps the counter top clean. Wide Range and Far Reach 

Formerly catering to the high-end crowd of Ivanhoe, Linen Room’s online store offers products at rates that are lower than its retail price, along with quality internet service and reasonable delivery options. Its products provide furnishing for families and home-makers but it also provides comfortable bed furnishings for teenagers, babies as well as independently living adults in cities, towns and suburbs across Australia. Its current Winter Sale offers some of its best products at low prices. As such even if you don’t feel the need for soft material, it is definitely worth stockpiling from Linen Room’s new website since it includes products that you will need somewhere down the line, especially those taken for granted.