OKME: Baby products – Nappies – Huggies – Baby formula

If you are expecting a new baby, or you are trying to save money on the baby expenses you already have, OKME: www.okme.com.au has all the products you’re looking for at affordable prices. They have a variety of baby care products to choose from that will fit your needs.




One thing you will use a lot of when you have a baby is nappies. Babies and toddlers go through a lot of nappies everyday. It is important to get good quality nappies that will serve their purpose well and that aren’t too expensive. OKME gives a variety of choices.

You can choose from Huggies Toddler Girl, Walker Boy, or Walker Girl varieties. Snugglers also offers a similar variety of packs of nappies for a toddler, walker, or crawler. You can pair up a pack of nappies with nappy cream or rash cream if your child experiences rashes caused by nappies. There are creams and sprays that can relieve the burning and inflammation. Don’t forget a packet of scented nappy sacks to take with you in order to neutralise the odours that come from the nappies.

Baby Formula

Baby formula can be very expensive. A can that lasts as little as less than a week can be upwards of 20 dollars. OKME offers a variety of formula options through the Karicare brand. You will find infant formula, food thickener, gold plus steps formula, constipation formula, and formula for all ages. Other available brands include Nestle Nan Nan, Novalac, Nuture, and S-26. The available variety makes finding a formula that offers the right nutrients for your baby at a good price much easier.

Other Products

In addition to nappies and formula, you will find a variety of other baby care items and baby gear. You can get baby oil, powder, and wash, toys, health care sets, wipes, strollers, baby monitors, and safety devices. It is important to get everything you need to give the care necessary for your new child. OKME offers one stop shopping for all your baby care needs, whether you already have an older child or you are expecting a new infant.


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