Pioneers of the Promotional Bottled Water Industry

waterIn a competitive market, companies are on the lookout for ways to reach out to the public in positive and memorable ways. Hydr8 Custom Labelled Bottled Water specializes in a creative solution that pleases both businesses and customers alike.

February 15, 2012 — The story of Hydr8 Custom Labelled Bottled Water is one of entrepreneurial pioneering at its best. Founders Veney Bognar and Jane Farelly originally established the brand in order to shore up the product offerings of its parent marketing agency, Cr8tvt Solutions, but their skill and commitment to delivering superior product and service soon led the company to its present place of dominance among national suppliers, and it is currently the only company of its kind able to promise service to any location in Australia.

Although its primary business is that of custom promotional products, even to the extent of offering helpful artwork and imaging guidance on its web site for potential clients, Hydr8 has established a respected name for itself by caring just as much about what is inside the bottle as well as outside of it. Hydr8 maintains stringent quality standards in its production, exceeding all national health and safety requirements, and it does not warehouse its products, meaning every bottle sold is fresh from the manufacturer. In 2006, it allied with Refresh Group Limited in order to excel in this specialty further.

Businesses and customers alike love the concept of an appealing, high-quality product that promotes health and well-being over some other unlikely-to-be-used item that will get tossed in a drawer among countless others. Being the recipient of such a thoughtful product helps a customer to bond to a company, seeing it as an indicator of mindfulness and being concerned about people as individuals and not just as numbers. Founder Jane Farelly once made the statement, “We were really surprised to find that no one was set up to supply custom-labelled bottled water as a promotional tool, especially since it was clearly a growth category,” but did not let the lack of precedent deter from pushing forward and innovating this emerging market. Now the company has grown to operating six production factories spanning across Australia and is looking to grow even more, doing what it has already well established that it does best.

For further inquiry, the company can be reached by phone at 1300 737 969, emailed at, or visited on the web at

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