Premier Country-Wide Lodging with Golden Chain

Golden Chain is one of the best motel chains in Australia, and for good reason. With a vast network of motels with modern technology powering vacancy listings and reservation confirmations, customer service is off the charts.

Golden chain screen shoot

About the Golden Chain

Golden Chain Motels, also known as Golden Chain Motor Inns, is a group of independent motel owners throughout the whole of Australia. In fact, the group is the largest single provider of accommodations on the continent. Lodging ranges from mid-tier value motels with a great value to price ration, to high quality resorts in the hottest destinations in Australia.

Perhaps more important than the lodgings themselves is the dedication to customer service that Golden Chain offers. In the hotel industry, third party reviews are cutthroat and vicious. Old mistakes from decades past can be exaggerated beyond reality and color the perceptions of those seeking information. Some Golden Chain properties experienced a rocky past, but that’s just it; it was all in the past. Golden Chain franchise families strive to improve constantly. The rare reviews of problem rooms are often posted long after the problem has been resolved.

Every franchise is a unique experience under unique family-style leadership. Golden Chain holds all of its franchise managers to an exacting standard, to provide the best service possible.


Online, Golden Chain provides all the services you would expect from a hotel chain. Regular deals on motel rooms are posted for members and newcomers alike. No-nonsense descriptions of each property are available, with numerous pictures to help influence your decision. Golden Chain also provides a mobile app for room checks, confirmations and rate information.

Offline, Golden Chain motels strive to provide excellent customer service. In the event of any problem, no matter how minor, the staff and management at any motel will go out of their way to make things right. You’ll be satisfied with Golden Chain, guaranteed.

Travel Club

Golden Chain Motels offers a universal travel club card called the Gold Link membership. This card is completely free and comes with a copy of the most recent Australian travel guide. What does the card get you?

The Gold Link membership, active within two days of registration, provides members with a full ten percent discount on daily room rates. Plus, you get a copy of the Australian travel guide. Of course, registering online with Golden Chain waives booking fees as well.

Gold Link Australian Travel Guide

Available through the Golden Chain website, with the Gold Link membership and via a QR code for mobile browsing, the Australian travel guide is one part useful guide and one part advertisement, with a built-in contest. Golden Chain is often offering deals or sweepstakes for those who stay multiple nights. What’s in the guide? It includes destination information for every Golden Chain location across the country, along with must-see events and attractions in those areas. If you’re ever at a loss for something to do, the travel guide has your back.

It’s easy to see why Golden Chain has the powerful reputation it commands with its customer service, quality lodging and valuable membership program.