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I randomly stumbled upon this site looking for tips about how to help my employer with their blog. In general, I am accustomed to looking at Real Estate blogs from other Realtors like us. However, this site reminds me of someone doing a job like mine. It is a lot like a newspaper for people behind the scenes of online Real Estate websites of all kinds. Not only is it a place that you can find new ideas, but, also a place to show off some of your own website.

I wound up finding the site by clicking on an article about optimizing webpages on your Real Estate blog. In general, I like to believe I am doing that with WordPress plugins. Nonetheless, I thought I was ahead of the game until I reviewed what was knowledgeable about.

Of course, I wound up clicking on other pages because this site features a lot of industry related humor. I have to admit, I was a little bit surprised to find that there was anything called Real Estate comedy, and now I am addicted.

What really surprised me is seeing how much I already understood by looking at the topics covered on the web page. For example, I have been trying to help a colleague understand the work I am doing to cover me for vacation.

However, I found a lot of these difficult to explain areas were on this website. Each complicated topic was covered as an article about SEO techniques. In other words, I know what I am doing, but it is easier to show others by using the well presented webpages I found on this site.

The other things that I will keep coming back for include the SEO tips, the events, and their other freebies (such as keywords for Realtors). Thanks to the makers of this site for all of the times I have used it! I wanted to say something nice since I visit all the time and we RSS this page in our advice column.



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