Replacing an APC battery

Replacing an APC battery is a quick and easy procedure, though care must still be given in order to not damage the UPS or battery. Even though replacing the APC battery is usually free from any electrical hazards, any safety precautions should still be taken to insure user safety. It is recommended to shut down the unit and separate the APC from any connections.

Before replacing the battery, be sure to have the following available:

Philips or Flat-headed screwdriver
APC Replacement battery

Removing the battery

Begin by removing the screws attached to the unit door and preventing it from opening. If the battery is contained behind another door, make sure to also remove any screws that prevent it from opening. Inside the battery compartment, be sure to remove any screws holding the battery.
Remove the battery by sliding it out of the unit.

Depending on the type of unit, replacement of the battery may involve disconnecting any wires connected to the battery. The battery may also be connected to a clip holding it to the unit; this will need to disconnected to remove the battery.  After the battery is removed, it is time to install the replacement battery.

Installing the battery

In order to install the battery, reverse the process of removing it. Begin by sliding the new battery into the unit. Be sure to reconnect any wires or clips. Sparks, when connecting the battery, are natural and should be expected when connecting it.When sliding the battery in, be sure to not pinch any wires that may be present. After the battery has been fully slid in, replace any screws that where removed before replacing the battery compartment door. It is advisable to make sure the battery is inserted properly before doing this. Replace the screws if any where removed.

The unit door should then be replaced, along with any screws. Once the unit door has been replaced, reconnect the battery to the UPS. If any accessories where removed, be sure to also reconnect these.
The UPS battery has now been replaced, and the unit may now be turned on for further use.


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