Review: Childrens Puppets

Having a puppet show for kids is a fun activity for both adults and children. There are a variety of puppet types children can make depending on their age and creative ability. Puppet shows are good for birthday parties, schools, libraries, churches, and other activities for education or enjoyment.

Children love to make finger, glove, sock or hand puppets. These styles are simple enough for them to create without assistance from adults. More complex puppet styles like string puppets, muppet-like puppets or shadow puppets need an adult’s help to create. Parents and teachers can also purchase ready made puppets from the store. They come in a variety of characters, styles and prices. Some puppets come in sets for productions of specific play.

Taking a puppet workshop will give children an opportunity to make their own puppets. You can find workshops for children k-12. And, some workshops provide the materials to create a puppet. Puppet making is an activity were students can exercise their artistic abilities by creating a puppet, character development, costume design and manipulation of materials. A child can make a simple hand puppet with felt, glue, buttons and a free pattern from the Internet. The puppet is made by pinning the pattern to the felt and trimming. Felt in contrasting colors are cut for the eyes, nose and mouth. The child can then glue the pieces together. The puppet patterns are designed so the child can slide their hand up the bottom. In a workshop, children also learn how to express themselves verbally when they put on a performance.

Once children make their puppets they can produce a puppet show. Elementary schools use puppet shows to help children learn concepts, teach self expression and for entertainment. Puppet masters often visit schools to demonstrate health and safety issues. They use information researched and verified by educators. When using puppets to teach children about safety issues, it is possible to have them participate with their own puppets and roll play certain scenarios. Children learn by doing and role playing with puppets help teach children complex issues. Some topics students can explore are strangers, school rules, bullying issues and friendships.

A puppet show for kids can include animals or human puppets. Their skit can have lyrics, nursery rhymes or fairy tales. Students can make puppets to teach classmates development and socialization skills. Or, they can surprise friends with a birthday party.


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