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Green Earth Homes is an Australian home building company specializing in environmentally responsible materials and green building practices. Their building projects range from complete home construction to renovations and additions to existing homes. Owner Nathan Staal has 17 years’ building experience in the UK, Queensland and the Sunshine Coast, and his extensive work history in the stormy Australian climate has given him a thorough knowledge cyclonic construction techniques. The company website is filled with gorgeous photos of green homes built or renovated by the company.

The green methods used by the company fall into two categories: selection of renewable materials and passive solar design.

Renewable Materials:


Bamboo: Bamboo is one of the most popular materials used by Green Earth Homes. Since it is a grass rather than a tree, it grows faster than hardwoods and can be harvested yearly without depleting the growing stock. Green Earth Homes uses bamboo extensively for decks, flooring and more.
Cork: Cork also grows quickly, making it a renewable resource. It is lightweight, and some of the support constructions used for hardwoods are unnecessary with cork. It has excellent thermal properties and is used extensively as insulation in structures built by Green Earth Homes.
Wool: This is one of nature’s best insulators, as shown by its popularity as a clothing material. Green Earth Homes is part of new breed of builders using wool as an insulator in homes. In the distant future when the building is demolished, wool can be safely disposed of without posing an environmental hazard.
ModWood and other composites: Some of the most promising building materials in use today are the composites made from crushed or powdered wood products in a resin matrix. These materials are often stronger and more durable than natural wood, and the amount of wood used is much less than with conventional timber. A composite used in many projects by Green Earth Homes is ModWood, composed of wood fragments and plastics.

Green Design:

Water: Green Earth Homes specializes in designing homes so that water is collected and used efficiently. The proper positioning of windows, outdoor plants and building features such as drains and run-offs can make maximum use of rainwater.
Energy: Conservation can be achieved by installing solar panels, upgrading air systems, and positioning windows to get maximum sunlight in winter.

Green Earth Homes is constantly striving to find new ways of achieving greater economy and energy efficiency for the homeowner. In addition to the savings gained from the materials and building practices themselves, many of the green renovations offered by Green Earth Homes can entitle the homeowner to financial incentives from the government. For instance, the installation of solar panels is rewarded by rebates in some areas, and any excess power generated can be sold to the local power service. The installation of water collection features can also bring government incentives in addition to the inherent savings it represents. The improvements offered by Green Earth Homes can provide rewards for the homeowner on several different levels.

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