Review of is not just the average flooring website. This is an all encompassing site that walks a person through everything from the history of bamboo to interior design ideas using bamboo. There are a wide variety of products and everything for both the do-it-yourself person and those that would like it professionally installed is offered. This is a one stop site where a person can select a project, choose a product, get a quote and then get help with the installation and maintenance of the product.

Simply Bamboo is a company that specializes in bamboo flooring, and only bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is one of the most durable flooring products as well as environmentally friendly flooring products on the market. At Simply Bamboo, the main focus is to provide the best quality of bamboo flooring as well as the most information on the product. All of the bamboo used to manufacture the flooring materials is between five and seven years of age. This is the optimal age for ensuring that the bamboo has the greatest durability and strength.

Bamboo flooring is a great choice of flooring, not only because it is aesthetically pleasing but because it is a very durable wood that is easy to maintain. Bamboo is also a more environmentally friendly wood. Bamboo is a very quick growing resource and can be removed with little to no effect on the surrounding wild life.

Another benefit to bamboo flooring is that it is very easy to clean. There is no grout or crevices in which dirt can get trapped. A simple broom and mop will do the trick every time. Because there are no places for dirt to hide, it is also safer where allergies are concerned.

Bamboo floors are also very easy to install. They come in varieties that simply snap together and require no glue. There are also those that have the tongue and groove feature that requires the use of glue. With either type, if a board is damaged, the replacement process is also very simple. Plus there are warranty plans for both residential and commercial customers.

So, if thinking about replacing the boring carpets or old flooring, bamboo is an option that is absolutely beautiful, very cost effective, easy to install and easy to maintain. All the information needed to determine if bamboo is the right choice can be found on



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