Review Of The Most Popular Diamond Types And Shapes

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends – not only will these marvelous gems make you shine in the spotlight, but they will also add extra style and class to your overall outfit. No matter if you are a fan of diamonds and you have decided to add another piece to your priceless collection, or you are a man who is thinking about proposing to his girlfriend, there are several notable factors that you need to pay attention to before you make your final choice – in the end, you do not buy a diamond every day!

What Are The Most Common Diamond Shapes? 

We all know the classic shape of the diamond, but the truth is that you can choose from a wide array of fancy cuts and shapes:

Princess,Marquise,Cushion,Pear,Radiant,Round,Emerald or Asscher are only some of the most popular diamond shapes at the moment. The round brilliant-cut diamond is undoubtedly the most sought-after, not just because this is the classic shape of this precious gem but also because it is the most brilliant and sparkly of all of them, as it has no less than 57 different facets.

Emerald shape

On the other hand, if you are the elegant type of woman and you want your jewellery to be the same, you can always opt for the Emerald shape, as its rectangular cut will never let you down. This shape emphasizes on the clarity of the diamond like nothing else!

Princess cut

Also, the Princess cut is designed for rather modern women who want a diamond that sparkles and looks fancy at the same time – this type of diamond can be recognized by its distinctive rectangular shape and its slightly pointed corners.

Heart shaped

Heart-shaped diamonds are a very popular choice for engagement rings, given their uniqueness and their sophistication – no gem is more suitable for a strong and confident woman than a heart-shaped diamond!

Asscher and Radiant cut

Two other very popular choices in terms of diamond shape are the Asscher and the Radiant cut – while the first one was extremely popular at the beginning of the 20th century (and it now starts to slowly get back on track), the latter surely offers the diamond a unique and exquisite look that has beautifully trimmed corners. The Radiant cut shape appeals to most customers, given its sparkling brilliance, while the oval shape is one of the classic cuts that somewhat resembles the round diamond and it also delivers the same outstanding brilliance.


The Marquise sounds very classy and sophisticated, and it actually is – this diamond shape can be easily distinguished by its uniquely tapered points and by its elongated and slender appearance. Besides this, the Marquise-cut diamond looks bigger overall as opposed to the round-cut gems.

Cushion and Pear

Last, but not least, the cushion-cut and the pear-cut shapes should not be neglected either, given the fact that the cushion-cut has a very soft, pleasant and romantic look while the pear look resembles a beautiful teardrop, perfect for women with a great personality.

In conclusion, these are the most popular diamond shapes in Australia at this moment. In addition to the variety of cuts, one can also opt from many different diamond colors: nowadays, these precious gems come in all colors, from the classic transparent to pink, red, yellow or even blue.