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While there are a lot of different accounts available in Australia at various banks, you need to find the best savings accounts available right now. This is the best way to get your savings off to a fast start in your bank account.

Finding the best promotional offer on a savings account is a great way to get started when you want to save money. These offers can be quite incredible and will give you the momentum you need to get your savings growing fast.

Australian savings account

If you’re looking for the best savings account deals available this November 2010, here are some accounts that we highly recommend and their features.


Money magazine has given the award for Best Online Savings Account 2010 to Ubank. Take a look at these great features you’ll get with this account.

  • High rates of interest are calculated every day and paid monthly.
  • Track your goals with Goal Tracker.
  • There is no minimum balance required and the maximum balance can be as high as $1 million for each customer.
  • No fees to pay.
  • Use Savings Buckets to create multiple accounts for your different savings goals.
  • Ability to make money transfers to other Australian accounts.
  • Get SMS, secure mail or e-mail alerts.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Save even more by setting up a plan for automatic deposits for at least $200 monthly and you will be given a savings bonus in addition to the current interest rate for balances that have a maximum of $200,000.

Virgin Saver account

There is a great promotional deal offered by Virgin right now. For four months you will be given a variable rate of 6.75% p.a.

  • Applications can be made online.
  • Get added security with the Citibank Government Guarantee.
  • No fees to pay at all.
  • Ongoing variable rate of 5.35% p.a.

Citibank Online Saver account

The Citibank savings account will give you a variable interest rate of 6.45% p.a. for six months after you have opened the account. Take a look at these other great features.

  • No minimum amount for the balance is required.
  • Ongoing variable rate of 5.25% p.a. after the six-month promotional period has ended.
  • No hidden catches or fixed terms.
  • Money can be accessed 24/7 through Internet and phone banking.
  • The Australian Government Guarantee will cover up to $1 million in savings.

Comparing savings accounts

The Internet is the best tool to use when you want to compare savings accounts. It can be quite difficult looking for the best deals if you are not looking online. Many Australians make the mistake of opening a savings account because they are comfortable with the bank they are dealing with, but that is simply leaving money on the table. The savings account rates are competitive out there and opening a new account with one bank does not mean that you have to leave all the products and services of your original bank behind. You can take advantage of the fierce competition between banks right now and make it work for you financially.

Online savings accounts

It costs a bank less money to offer savings accounts online so if you feel comfortable at all having an Internet account this is your best option. The banking industry knows that security needs to be at a top level when it comes to the Internet and all banking websites have security measures in place to make sure that your banking is kept safe. You can usually get very good deals on the Internet for savings accounts.

Opening a savings account is the best way to start saving money right away. Take advantage of one of the accounts listed above to make your savings grow and to start planning financially for your future.


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