Shop from the Comfort of your Home

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, going out for shopping seems like a real headache. People save their shopping lists for weekends. Does that mean you must spoil the only two days you get to spend with your family and friends? Answer to this question is definitely no.

There are services available for shopping online with free home delivery. Real Smart is one of them. However, there are so many online shopping ventures promising the best to you. How do you know which ones to opt for and which ones to ignore? The answer is simple – Customer delight. Real Smart provides after sales services that are a customer’s delight. It makes them want to go to their online store for shopping repeatedly.

What services you are offering?
What are the options for home delivery?
What are the secure payment modes?
What after-sales services you provide?

Answers to these four questions decide the success of any online shopping venture. Here is a list of services that make you come back every time:

1. Wide range of services: They offer a wide range of services to your doorstep. Starting from routine home ware, kitchen appliances, pet care, gifts for every occasion, furniture, rugs, garden accessories, auto accessories, baby products, electronics, bedding, fitness, health and beauty products they deal in every type of product imaginable.

2. Best after sales services: Selling a product is not victory, keeping the customer engaged and making him come back to you, every time is. This is what you call customer delight. How do you generate customer delight? By providing the best after sales services to your customers, like:

· Warranty period (one year)

· Full refund within 30 days if you change your mind

· You do not have to bear the expenses of returning the product.

· Home delivery

3. Affordable prices and numerous offers: When a customer is out there shopping he looks for a package deal. He wants all the rewards and benefits associated with a high quality product. The company delivers the best quality products at the lowest possible price range. It also releases numerous offers and deals. Although, critique defines it as a marketing strategy, is this not a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller? Competition is huge; if a company wants to be successful, it has to deliver a better package deal.

The products are packaged nicely ensuring no damage during shipping. The lifestyle today allows people to pay for the services. On actual grounds, people look out for comfort and best customer services. If your product is excellent and packaged beautifully but your delivery services and after-sales services are poor, it is not going to fetch you customers. The market is booming with online business and competitors are numerous. The only thing that makes a company stand out from the crowd is quality and the customer services they provide. To be true with advancements in quality control guidelines, every manufacturer compete to deliver the best. However, the presentation, packaging, delivery, and after-sales services are what make the customer come back for more shipments. In order to ensure a fast and timely delivery the company dispatches 98% of the shipments within 24 hours of placing the order. What more! The online option is available 24 hours and seven days a week.