Trailer Trash Skip Bins: Making garbage disposal cheap, quick and easy

Getting rid of rubbish is a headache for most home owners, but it doesn’t have to be. Luckily we live in such a cool country where you can find cheap, simple solutions that beat having to spend your valuable free time hauling mounds of garbage to a landfill or transfer station. Out of the many garbage disposal services out there, skip hire stands out as the simplest, cheapest and most convenient way to handle household trash.

Trailer Trash Skip Bins is a skip hire business started in Melbourne in 2006, and has morphed into a national service covering the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and of course Perth. Their skip bins for hire are versatile, and are great for virtually all your garbage disposal needs including house cleanup, spring garden clean up, pre-selling and moving as well as office renovations among other applications.

Why Choose Trailer Trash Skip Bins

Finding simple, cheap and convenient ways to get rid of garbage is a real problem. This is however not the case with Trailer Trash as the business offers an easy solution to getting rid of waste:

One of the real advantages of Trailer Trash skip bins is that they are cost effective to hire. Since the company has its own unique systems of storing and transporting waste, the savings are passed on to the customer. More savings can be made in the design of the skip bins. Although the skip bins (which are mounted on trailers) do come with a number plate, a permit is generally not required in most places. This means that extra savings can be made here as permits cost up to $100. Even so, the trailers still need to conform to the normal parking restrictions. The skip bins are also very personal, meaning that only the person that rents the skip has access to it. This means that neighbours or other people cannot dispose of their waste in your skip, or go through your garbage; owning to the lockable lids that come with every skip bin. The Trailer Trash skip bins are also very mobile. They can easily be moved around the work-site, or moved to a convenient location such as close to rubbish. Trailer Trash skip bins are easily accessible in Perth and beyond. With 20 depots in major cities all across Australia, getting one delivered to you is quick and easy. The mother of all advantages is that the company takes care of the trash. All you have to do is load up the skip bin, and leave the rest to Trailer Trash.
Trailer Trash really does make skip hire as easy as possible. There are a number of payment options available including MasterCard, Visa and even cash on delivery. There are also different sizes bins available depending on the customers’ needs. All you need to do is choose the size bin that you need (usually a 4 cubic metre skip bin is sufficient) and it will be delivered exactly where you need it.

Trailer Trash really does offer a great service. Skip hire in Perth has never been easier and it is great to see this company doing a great job with such a vital service.


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