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Softwoods is a do-it-yourself centre that warehouses and sells materials commonly used in creating carports, decking, fencing and pergolas. The facility also offers in home services for residents who prefer that professionals build or finish outdoor projects. The company has been in business for 29 years and centre locations include Croydon, Lonsdale and Modbury. provides consumers with limited product information, but offers visual project ideas. The site claims product shipping anywhere in Australia after making online purchases. The website also features a blog, offering advice and instruction for completing various home improvement jobs.

The website features extensive explanations concerning the different colours and grades of timber. The site also explains the different types of treatments used on wood and which treatments make the wood suitable for particular project applications. The various pages also discuss fencing pickets, lattice panels and screening used for pergolas. There are photograph galleries of finished projects and roofing designs.

The company site also offers fabricated kits for carports, decking and pergolas. Consumers also have access to basic project planning guidelines. The site mentions hardware, paints and stains, but pages do not provide individual visuals of these items. The site does offer a brochure request form, which may provide further product details. Consumers must fill out a project survey before receiving a quote on materials or for ordering materials for specific projects.

The site also discusses the in home services the company provides, which include the construction of carports, decking, patios and pergolas. Trained professionals are also willing to finish DIY projects with embellishments or screening. The in home service page discusses the process consumers experience when requiring any of these services, which starts by making an appointment to visit with a consultant. Consultants typically go over design plans with the homeowner, discuss any necessary alterations and provide a quote for project builds.

The blog provides detailed information for individuals interested in constructing decks and pergolas. Instructions include text, diagrams and videos. The page also offers an article describing CCA timber and the restrictions placed on project use. Another article discusses the illegal timber import trade and government actions. does provide the opportunity for Q&A, but only after consumers fill out a personal information form. Company location email addresses and phone numbers are also provided. Overall, the site provides just enough information to interest consumers into inquiring about product prices or specific product information. Detailed information is not available without direct site interaction and personal information provision.


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