TED – A movie at its own class


TEDEver wondered what would happen if your wildest wish could become a reality? I bet there would be trouble. This is exactly what happens when John Bennett’s childhood dream of having his little teddy bear come to life actualizes. His story is documented in a drama filled movie titled TED. The title (TED) is derived from the name given John’s teddy bear Ted. The story unfolds when Ted starts affecting John’s relationship with Lori Collins. Since they are slated to be married soon, Lori feels that John should break his friendship with Ted. Ted has grown to become obnoxious and uncontrollable. She thinks that Ted is the biggest hindrance to the success of their relationship.

TED is Seth Macfarlane’s first movie of which, he both wrote and directed. It has accumulated a cultic following since its 2012 launch. The comedy film is characterized by creative scenes that blend well with the story. With good cinematography and sound, the viewer is assured of being thrilled to the end. Seth has successfully managed to draw viewers into the story, so much that people forget that Ted is a personified character. The movie has a sharp suspense as it takes one through the struggle that John and Ted goes through as they try to keep their friendship.

The characters in the movie take many chances as they try to find a comfort zone. TED teaches one about sacrifices that people make in order to maintain friendships and relationships. Furthermore, the movie is a must watch for those who have a soft spot for comedy and contemporary fiction. TED is made by media rights capital, one of the most renowned movie makers in Hollywood and it is distributed by universal pictures. Most people are looking to see what will become of Ted in the future, but for the moment, no one seems to get enough of him.


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