Review is a website dedicated to surfing. This unique website lists every business that relates to surfing in Australia. This includes every surfboard company, surfing travel companies, and even surfing accessories. The website is indexed in a way that each topic is on a different page. For example, you will find clothing and swim wear on one page and agents and distributors on another page.

The information can be found in two unique ways. They can be either found by an image logo that you click on to lead you to the company’s information or you can find what you are looking for by searching an alphabetical list. has an abundance of everything that relates to surfing. There is a page that links to various surfing entertainment that include things like videos, dvds, magazines, music, and photographers. And there is a travel page that contains links to tour companies, travel guides, accommodations, transportation, and surf zones.

This progressive website provides its users with information on a wide range of topics pertaining to surfing. Some of these topics are associations, games, schools, clubs, museums, statistics, and even consultants. If you have a passion and desire to surf in Australia, this website is very useful. You will save yourself valuable time when searching on the internet for surfing related products and information. It’s readily available, all in one place.


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