Sydney’s Most Respected Roof Maintenance Business

Roofline, formally established in 2008, is a family-owned roof restoration, cleaning, painting, and guttering business based in Baulkham Hills, a suburb to the northwest of Sydney. Roofline management claims 20+ years of experience in the roofing business according to the local Yelp listing. Their official slogan is “Sydney’s Most Respected Roofing Company.”

Roofline warrants or guarantees materials against defects for ten years and workmanship for another seven. They say for roof repair and restoration it makes good financial sense to use only the best materials to keep a roof functional and attractive for decades in Sydney, where weather conditions can be severely unforgiving. Roofline tradesmen are skilled and experienced professionals trained to study industry standards and to be courteous and responsive to customers at all times on every job.

At Roofline they say they want to be industry leaders. Aaron, the owner, knows every area and aspect of the roofing trade. A roof tiler whose special expertise is restoration, Aaron started his career as a roofing contractor in the early ’90s. Over the next 15 years, associates say, he acquired knowledge, developed skills, and gained invaluable experience and an impeccable reputation as an honest, trustworthy leader among tradesman. This combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, and integrity laid a solid foundation for the success of the Roofline enterprise.


Roofline tells customers two important reasons for restoration are to maintain or enhance property values and to prevent structural problems that deferred maintenance makes only worse and eventually prohibitively expensive. What Roofline tells them is clearly correct. A mere cracked tile can allow water intrusion that over time can cause enormous internal damage. A quick, timely Roofline fix can save a small fortune in later costs.

Roofline restoration jobs apply Dulux InfraCool coating that dramatically decreases absorption of solar heat through the roof, reduces surface temperatures by 20 degrees Centigrade, and saves significant building air-conditioning costs.

Roofline promises comprehensive restorations performing any or all of certain services employing the best materials available:

  • Replacement of gutters, downpipes, soffits, and fascia boards, cleaning, painting, and replacement of some or all tiles, and repointing as needed.
  • Removal of all chipped, cracked, broken, and otherwise damaged or defective tiles and installation of identical replacements to make the roof watertight again
  • Pressure-washing removal of bird droppings, lichen, moss, and any debris
  • Eradication of plant spores lodged into joints and porous tile surfaces
  • Replacement or resetting of roof ridge caps, the angled or curved tiles that form the apex of the roof, on a new bed of sand and cement
  • Renewal of tile pointing with Flexi-Point, which withstands the strongest winds without cracking and breaking
  • Anti-fungal sterilization to kill off any remaining spores that could bring back unsightly and unsanitary mosses and lichen
  • Sealing, priming, full-roof repainting, and additional sealing of glazed tiles in terracotta roofs


Roofline is one of the few Australian companies that paint terracotta-tiled roofs. Roofline is an accredited applicator of Dulux® paint systems, so Dulux backs up Roofline guarantees with its own comprehensive guarantee against blistering, flaking, and peeling.


Roof gutters, once raw, rusty, galvanized iron and now coated, colored aluminum or steel, are easier than ever to maintain. Roofline prefers to use Ace colourbond steel products but also installs aluminum profiled guttering, custom box guttering, and all fascia, barge, and gutter protections.

What Customers Say

Roofline displays testimonials from several customers fully satisfied with their products and services. Lee T says, “It was great to finally have our roof cleaned and painted. Aaron and his team did a wonderful job with the roof restoration. I would highly recommend these guys if you are in Sydney and looking for great service at a great price. Thanks again, Roofline.”

From Darryl B: “We have just had a full roof restoration done by Aaron and his team from Roofline. We were most impressed with their professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail that produced an outstanding result. They were neat, tidy, cleaned up any mess that they made and most importantly easy to communicate with. We would recommend Roofline to anyone who needs work done to their roof.”

Peter C adds: “I only needed my gutters cleaned but Aaron attended promptly and did a very professional job. We talked about longer-term solutions such as gutter guard and roof cleaning and I was impressed by Aaron’s honesty in offering the best options for us; not just a sales job. I would happily recommend Roofline to anyone in the Sydney Area.”

ACD gave Roofline a 5-star rating for being “Excellent to deal with.” No negative feedback or unfavorable reviews are in evidence online or in print.