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Tesla Forum

The Tesla Forum website, located at http://www.teslaforum.com/, is a site dedicated to the Serbian/American scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla. A wealth of information can be found about the extraordinary inventor, his life and times, and the inventions which made him one of the most famous inventors in the world. Visit the site’s Bio page, and you will discover how truly talented Dr. Tesla was from the time of his early childhood, when he already showed signs of being self-disciplined and, according to his own Mother, had a “desire for invention.” Find out how this desire led to the discovery that changed the world in 1882, the “Alternating Current.” Here you will see how Tesla was the founding father of the remote control, gaining his radio patent in 1900. Learn also about his death in 1943 and follow the link to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Serbia, where many of his notes and calculations are being preserved.

The Tesla Forum allows users to follow links for more information about the inventions of Nikola Tesla. For example, www.pbs.org/tesla/ins/index.html is where a virtual tour is available through PBS.

The non-profit organization, Tesla Forum, is available due to the unrelenting popularity and interest in the otherwise unremarkable life of inventor Nikola Tesla, who pioneered the radio soundwave and enabled radio communications. The website also offers a glimpse of the special awards that are offered through Tesla Forums to high achieving engineering students of western universities,mainly in Australia. Learn how Serbia rewarded the Tesla Forum with a special plaque of recognition.

Tesla Forum contact information and e-mail address is available at the website http://www.teslaforum.com/, as well as donor and membership applications available for download. There are numerous links available at the website pertaining to all things Tesla, including a website for children.

For those living in Australia where Tesla Forum is based, there is information at the website about current news and events such as Annual General Meetings and picnics. But, one does not need to live “down under” to discover and enjoy the wealth of information that can be found at Tesla Forum. A great resource for students, as well as science enthusiasts and historians.


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