The Bella Box

cosmeticsThe Bella Box is not only an easy way to give gifts, but it is one of the most thoughtful ways to give gifts to ladies. Women like many different kinds of cosmetic products and fragrances, and there are times when they simply cannot have just one of something. When you’re building a Bella Box, you are making a custom assortment of products that will allow the lady in your life to enjoy many different things inside of beautiful packaging.

If you’re wondering what you would choose to put in a Bella Box, you have to consider what the ladies in your life would like or would use. It can be very difficult to know the particular types of cosmetics that they use, but you can find out from your ladies what kinds of products they enjoy most.

Therefore, you want to be able to choose something like mascara or moisturizer to put in the box because you know that they always want to have new ones and try new things.

Taking that a step further, you could easily include in the box something that you think she would look good wearing. Pick out a sultry lipstick, smoky eyes, and a blush that you really like and give it to your special lady so that she knows you’re thinking about her and would like her to try something new. The excitement she’ll feel when she gets something new that she gets to try for you will be palatable.

If you’re building a box for a guy, you can do the same things, but you would do most of them with fragrance. Ladies love for their guys to smell a certain way, and there’s no better way to suggest a new fragrance to your man than by placing it in the Bella Box and sending it with some skin care products.

If you have many fragrances that you like, you could put more than one in the box and let him decide which one he enjoys the most. Regardless of his choice, he’ll know you care and will appreciate wearing that fragrance for you everyday.

Building a Bella Box is more than just about giving a gift. You want to be able to convey how much you care to the person who gets the box and you want to give them a thoughtful gift that they will appreciate. The Bella Box helps you achieve this goal.


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