The Fun of Children€™s Furniture Styles

kids furnitureWhen your baby comes home from the hospital, he doesn’€™t need much in the way of furniture: a basket or a drawer can be a makeshift bed for the few minutes the baby is not being held; any flat surface can serve as a changing table.

Eventually, however, the need for an actual crib will arise. Perhaps some relatives are making snide remarks about the need to move up to closets, or the baby keeps climbing out of the drawers. So, you find a nice crib that converts to a toddler bed, and feel that you are done worrying about furniture for a while.

Then your baby becomes a child.

The bed is too small and her clothes no longer fit on the shelf over the washing machine; you have to start looking for children’s furniture.

If you are like most of us, you start by going to your computer, typing, €œchildrens furniture€, and browsing the image results.

Children’s furniture today varies from the classic to the whimsical. Some of the more whimsical furniture teeters on the edge of the bizarre, but my children spent their first three months in a basket, so I may not be the best judge.

The primary furniture that children need in their bedrooms is a bed and a chest of drawers. If there is room, they need at least one bookcase, and a table with chairs or a desk. The style of the furniture chosen is going to depend greatly on the style of the parent and of the child.

Beds today come in such a variety of styles that some of them barely look like beds. They come in odd shapes, or with roofs and sides so they look like they are tree houses; they come designed to look like cars, boats, caves, dollhouses and so many other styles it is certain that you will find something that you and your child both love.

Some parents choose to get their children bunk beds with the expectation that future sleepovers will be more comfortable if the kids each have their own beds. The bunk beds have even more peculiar variations than the single sleepers do.

In addition to classic rectangle shapes with shelves, bookcases also come shaped like trees, blocks, and indescribable modern art. Desks are not just desks; they are mushrooms of varying sizes; strategically placed short and tall barrels, and toys that have been enlarged and repurposed as table and chairs.

No matter what your taste, you can certainly find the perfect furniture for your child. You may want to consider making prudent choices, though; I hear that children eventually become teenagers.

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